Brother Photographers Featured Artists In Falmouth

Vital Nutrition’s featured artists for August and September 2014 are David Mutti and Gary Mutti. Their exhibit of black and white and color photographs combines David Mutti’s many years of experience as a photographer with Gary Mutti’s rediscovery of photography. Both brothers are inspired by the natural beauty of Cape Cod, but they choose from a variety of subjects including wood and metal structures, landscapes and still lifes.

The public is invited to meet the Mutti brothers at an artists’ reception Wednesday, September 24, from 3 to 6 PM. Light refreshments will be served.

A longtime chef and artist, David Mutti has taken thousands of photographs through the years. Almost every day he chooses a Cape Cod location to go on what he calls a photo safari. At his home studio in Woods Hole, he mats and frames his own photographs. Each frame is sanded and then painted to complement the colors of the photograph.

Gary Mutti rediscovered photography when he moved to Cape Cod three years ago. “Here photo opportunities present themselves around every turn,” he said.

David and Gary Mutti’s photographs can be viewed during business hours at Vital Nutrition at 358 Gifford Street in Homeport through September. David Mutti’s work can also be found at


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