Ceramicists From Around The Globe On Exhibit At Highfield Hall & Gardens

California artists Patricia Griffin and Stephen Juel created the amusing and literal - California artists Patricia Griffin and Stephen Juel created the amusing and literal "Bird's the Word," which is also part of Highfield's show.

A new clay exhibition, Collaborations in Clay, is currently on view at Highfield Hall & Gardens through August. This exhibition features the work of 11 teams of potters from around the globe who have submitted samples of both individual and collaborative artwork at the invitation of the show’s curators, Falmouth artists Hollis Engley and Kim Medeiros. These new works highlight the diversity of the medium and the artistic contribution that artists can offer each other.

The curators are part of a wide network of ceramic artists, and the invited exhibitors submitted works from around the United States, and also Scotland, England, New Zealand and Israel and Spain. 

The inspiration for the exhibition came from Mr. Engley and Ms. Medeiros’s own collaborative experience. Mr. Engley’s pots are fairly austere and his interest is driven by the actions and random interaction of glaze and flame.


Ms. Medeiros’s work, on the other hand, often tells a story and is highly decorated with the ceramic methods of stamping, sgraffito and slip trailing. 

Several of the other ceramicists invited to participate in the exhibit also already create collaborative works, while some took on a new artistic challenge. The results are varied and packed with visual interest. For the most part, the show contains three works from each pair of artists—one individual piece each and then a collaborative one. One of the artists participated in each individual stage of the ceramics process, throwing the pot, glazing it or completing decorative work. The final results are lively interpretations of each artist’s style and the exhibition offers an opportunity for the visitor to think over “who did what” in each pairing.

For their joint contribution to the exhibition, Mr. Engley and Ms. Medeiros chose to make a collaborative platter, which documents in words and images a local tale from Mr. Engley’s family history dating back to February 1893.
English potter Doug Fitch and Scottish potter Hannah McAndrew each work in English slipware, although in quite different styles. For their collaboration Mr. Fitch threw a jug, which Ms. McAndrew decorated. Meredith and Mark Heywood of Whynot Pottery have made pots together in the Seagrove, North Carolina, area for many years, supporting a family and producing functional work for food and flowers.

The most whimsical collaboration is from Patricia Griffin and her friend Stephen Juel, who are based in Cambria, California. They created a comical and sculpturally linguistic piece, “Bird’s The Word.”

The show is Highfield Hall and Gardens’ first exhibition of ceramic art. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM; Saturday and Sunday, 10 AM to 2 PM.  A $5 donation is appreciated and members are admitted free.

Mr. Engley and Ms. Medeiros will present a gallery talk on August 24 at 1 PM.

Highfield Hall is at 56 Highfield Drive in Falmouth.


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