Husband And Wife Artists Include Nod To The Past With New Studio

GENE M. MARCHAND/ENTERPRISE - With lights, paintings, and bigger-than-life sculptures of lobsters, crabs and fishing lures, the front yard of Ronni and Mindy Reasonover's new gallery cannot help but be eye-catching.GENE M. MARCHAND/ENTERPRISE - Husband and wife artists Ronni and Mindy Reasonover are surrounded by their art in one of the rooms that make up their new East Falmouth gallery inside the historic Captain Toby House.GENE M. MARCHAND/ENTERPRISE - While his wife, Mindy Reasonover, concentrates on floral paintings, Ronni Reasonover's subjects include scenes of Boston and Florida, fanciful marine life, and even a one-of-a-kind Monopoly board.GENE M. MARCHAND/ENTERPRISE - A room at the Reasonover's gallery in East Falmouth.

“I can’t wait to get here in the morning,” said Falmouth artist Mindy Reasonover about the new gallery space she and her husband, artist Ronni Reasonover, moved into last month on East Falmouth Highway. “It’s so fulfilling to see people and to hear their reactions to our work.”

It’s easy to see why these two friendly and outgoing artists wanted a visible space that would welcome old friends and attract new ones.

“Things were just getting too crowded in our home gallery on Davisville Road,” said Ms. Reasonover, explaining the  reason for the move to the historic Captain Toby House in East Falmouth located across from Central Avenue and Kenyon’s Market.


The new setting couldn’t have worked out better. The house is owned by friends of the couple and the Reasonovers not only use the rooms downstairs for their gallery, they used their combined experience in interior design and faux finish work to renovate the interiors of some of the rooms, which are now bright and colorful in addition to being filled with art.

As a tribute to Captain John Toby, the original owner of the home, the Reasonovers recently completed a mural on the wall adjacent to the historic home’s winding staircase. The mural depicts the Unca, a whaleboat built in Woods Hole that was captained by John Toby in the 1840s. In the mural the Unca is under sail with a whale in the foreground and a bevy of whaleboats approaching the animal. It is based on a print by Louis LeBreton that was used as a Panamanian postage stamp in 1968.

One room in the gallery boasts a wall of Mr. Reasonover’s Lobster on Vacation series. Fanciful horizontal paintings show Lobster on his way to Martha’s Vineyard, the Island Queen dominating the left side of the panel. Another shows Lobster merrily cavorting with a mermaid.

In another room a painting of a shark by Mr. Reasonover grins out at visitors with bulging three-dimensional eyes. Above the shark, happy patrons crowd around the bar of a local restaurant in another painting by Mr. Reasonover, who not only paints Cape Cod scenes but Florida vistas and urban Boston landscapes. In addition to his vibrant paintings, executed in bright teals, chartreuse and fuchsias, Mr. Reasonover is a woodcarver and also creates one-of-a kind furniture.

“I’ve been fortunate,” Mr. Reasonover. “We get to do some fun stuff.”

Art spills out into the yard of the historic home where sculptures by Mr. Reasonover beckon passersby, and on the Tuesday afternoon I visited, a happy group of engaged students were enjoying painting still lifes of hydrangeas under the tutelage of Ms. Reasonover—who is well-known for her paintings of this, her signature flower. Ms. Reasonover described her work as less “out of the box” than her husband’s but her floral paintings which grace the gallery—hydrangeas, sunflowers, day lilies and other cheerful blooms in all different shapes and sizes—are no less beautiful. Ms. Reasonover has painted bouquets for brides that will last long after their real flowers fade. Her flowers also show up on furniture and even on stemware offering customers a creative “bouquet” of options.

In addition to their new gallery, their work is shown in local shops, galleries and restaurants as well as in galleries in Florida where the couple spend part of their winters.

With their new space the Reasonovers hope to plan some Friday night art events but for now they are content to meet and greet anyone who stops in, drawn like moths to a warm flame, to the colorful paintings and sculptures outside the studio and the friendly couple within.


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