'Sustaining the Earth': Photography Exhibit Woods Hole Research Center

Scattered around the globe are special places—some situated thousands of miles from Massachusetts, yet all part of our collective legacy. These include some of the most visually striking places on Earth, many of which are among the locations most at risk in a changing climate. Opening on Saturday, July 26, from 4:30 to 6 PM and on view through August 1 from noon to 3 PM in the Harbourton Auditorium of the Woods Hole Research Center,

“Sustaining the Earth” tells the story of three ecosystems, showing how deforestation, land disturbance and climate change are affecting these lands and the rest of the world.

Scientist-turned-photographer Chris Linder’s photographs and videos draw viewers in with stunning views and captivating narratives. A deeper look reveals how scientists are working to understand future prospects for the health of the Earth. Actor and environmentalist Mark Ruffalo recorded the narrative for Chris Linder’s video.

The Woods Hole Research Center at 149 Woods Hole Road in Falmouth.


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