Wayne Soares Lands Role as New York City Wise Guy

Wayne Soares - Wayne Soares

Despite losing 70 pounds in the past year, Wayne Soares of East Falmouth still looks the part of a tough guy, and today he starts playing one in a documentary about reputed mob boss James “Jimmy Nap” Napoli, filming in New York City.

It represents the first of three upcoming roles that the jovial actor has lined up in which he assumes the role of someone tougher, meaner and angrier than he really is. But if looks are everything, Mr. Soares, who also works as a stand-up comic, writer and motivational speaker, is beginning to find his niche in the film industry, thanks to a combination of persistence and hard work.

Despite a medical setback last year—diverticulitis, which is inflamed small, bulging pouches in the intestines—that nearly took his life and led to his weight loss, Mr. Soares has rebounded to the point his aspirations of making it as an actor are quickly being realized.

Along with this week’s role, Mr. Soares will have a featured role as a capo in the short film, “The Curse of Don Scarducci,” a comedy that was written and will be directed and produced by Chris Fondulas next month. The short, which centers around mob boss Don Scarducci and his recently diagnosed gluten allergy, will also include several name performers who starred on “30 Rock,” the former NBC sitcom that Mr. Fondulas worked on.

And following that Mr. Soares will be traveling to Amsterdam and Greece, where he assumes the character of Pluto, a psychopathic character in “Serenade,” the sequel to the movie “Blind Pass” that he played a smaller role in more than two years ago.


But for now Mr. Soares has been focused solely on this week’s documentary, which is based upon the recently released book “My Father, My Don” written by Anthony “Tony Nap” Napoli, that details his life growing up as the son of James Napoli.

About six months ago, Mr. Soares contacted Anthony Napoli through a mutual friend, after which he received an autographed copy of the book. Since then Mr. Soares has remained in contact with him, calling him around Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas to wish him well.

During the last phone conversation prior to Christmas, Mr. Soares mentioned his goal of moving forward as an actor, at which point Mr. Napoli mentioned his book was being made into a 30-minute documentary.

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He then put Mr. Soares in contact with the director, Hussain Ahmed, and he was invited down to audition with more than 200 people earlier this month in New York City. So Mr. Soares made the four-hour trek south, where he performed a cold read which, he acknowledged, is “very, very difficult” as an actor because they are only given a script in the audition room.

“So I read it and immediately they liked my voice, so the director says, ‘Give him a couple of the others,’ ” Mr. Soares said.After reading several parts, Mr. Soares was told he would be hearing from the production team. “I didn’t think anything of that. You hear it all the time,” he said.

Outside Mr. Soares ran into Anthony Napoli, meeting him in person for the first time. “One of the first things he says is, ‘This guy drove all the way from Boston today. Is that dedication? Is that loyalty?’ ”

Two days later that loyalty was rewarded when Mr. Soares received a call from the producer saying that he was cast as one of the featured roles, playing mob boss Vito “Don Vito” Genovese.

Last Wednesday Mr. Soares was excited, despite having returned from New York City the night before to attend a production meeting, about this latest opportunity. “It is my first feature role,” he said. “This is big. It’s huge.”

He noted that this short documentary is slated to be the first in a 13-part series, so there is a possibility he could continue the commutes to New York City beyond this week.

Last week he stayed busy preparing for the role, reading and rehearsing the script, while picking up a variety of clothing, from a fedora to a pinky ring, that will complete his transformation from Falmouth nice guy to New York City wise guy.


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