Woods Hole Women Exhibit Closes September 13

The exhibit
- The exhibit "Woods Hole Women Over a Certain Age" continues at the Woods Hole Historical Museum, 579 Woods Hole Road, through September 13.

Only a few more days remain to view the exhibit “Woods Hole Women Over a Certain Age” at the Woods Hole Historical Museum. The exhibit features photographs by Joan Pearlman and Sally Casper of more than 100 women over the age of 75 whose Woods Hole connections run deep. Some of the photos are portrait quality while others are relaxed snapshots. Almost all show women who seem happy, contented, confident, wise, and maybe a little bit cheeky.

Bio-sketches accompany the exhibit, most written by the subjects themselves. The women tell of how they came to Woods Hole (many with scientist husbands but some as scientists and educators in their own right).

Descriptors of Woods Hole used by the women include warm, peaceful, friendly, a save haven, my favorite place, accommodating and tolerant, it’s home, a place of great beauty and harmony, my anchor, and the home of our hearts.


Ms. Pearlman, whose own portrait is included in the show, states in her bio, “I am happy to be one of the ‘over 75’ women drawn back by nostalgia and sense of place.”

In her artist’s statement, Sally Casper writes. “When I look at the faces of these extraordinary women my heart brims with admiration. They make living in Woods Hole an adventure. Woods Hole Women are fearless, ageless. Their spirits do not die. I aspire to become one.”


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