Airport Manager Inks New Three-Year Contract

The Barnstable Municipal Airport Commission has been impressed with the performance of the airport manager, Roland W. “Bud” Breault Jr.

So the commission voted Tuesday to approve a new three-year contract with Mr. Breault, 69, widely seen as the key man in pulling together the Hyannis airport’s $40 million improvement project.

The new airport facilities, including a passenger terminal and an air traffic control tower, are scheduled to be dedicated at a ceremony at the airport at 1 PM today.

Mr. Breault’s new contract is scheduled to run until February 28, 2015. The agreement may be extended for additional terms of one year each upon agreement of Mr. Breault and the commission.

“I’m very happy to accept the commission’s offer,” Mr. Breault said in an interview yesterday.

Roland Breault's Contract: At A Glance

  • Receives 4 percent pay raise, bumping salary to $120,616
  • Awarded one-time $7,500 bonus
  • Salary will increase 2 percent annually
  • Contract runs through February 2015, after which it can be extended annually

Ronald Persuitte, chairman of the airport commission, on Tuesday characterized Mr. Breault’s job performance as “exemplary.”

The new agreement includes a pay raise, increasing Mr. Breault’s salary 4 percent to $120,616. The salary is scheduled to rise in step increases of 2 percent a year.

The commission also has decided to award Mr. Breault and the assistant airport manager, Frank Sanchez Jr., one-time annual bonuses of $7,500 and $5,000, respectively. Mr. Persuitte said the annual bonuses are being awarded in recognition of the work that the two men did on the airport improvement project.

Mr. Breault said yesterday that the bonuses actually recognize work that the two men did in recent years on the improvement project. “Frank and I have done a lot of extra work,” he said.

“What they did, I don’t know that two other people could have done,” Mr. Persuitte said.

Should Mr. Breault decide to terminate the contract before its expiration, he is required to give the airport commission 120 days notice. The commission is required to give Mr. Breault 120 days written notice if it decides not to renew the agreement.

Without such notice, the agreement automatically will be extended for an additional one-year period.

Mr. Breault’s new contract also increases the number of his vacation weeks from four to five.

Mr. Breault, who had been the assistant director of the Barnstable Department of Public Works, was first appointed airport manager on March 1, 2009.

Since he was first appointed, he said, the biggest challenge of his job obviously has been the airport improvement project.

“It was very difficult from beginning to end,” touching on areas including legal battles and the permitting process as well as the construction project itself, he said.

The project involved the demolition of the prior passenger terminal and air traffic control tower, as well as creation of a new airport roadway and other improvements while keeping operations going at the airport on a daily basis.

Over the past three years, Mr. Breault said he has enjoyed being around aviation, which represents a return to his roots in United States Coast Guard air operations; the challenge of the airport improvement project; and the opportunity to work with a “great mix of people” in carrying out his job.

With the finishing touches being put on the improvement project, Mr. Breault said he now wants to refocus on better managing the airport. “I want to get more involved in running the airport,” Mr. Breault said.


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