Barnstable Precinct Map To Get Tweaked

Barnstable Town Clerk Linda P. Hutchenrider announced this week that the town’s precincts will remain at 13 with only slight changes to the boundaries of the precincts.

Because of a drop in population, Ms. Hutchenrider had told the town council last year that the number of precincts might need to change.

Ms. Hutchenrider said this week that although there was a dip in population to 45,193, “it was more of a town-wide loss and concentrated a little more in the western part of town than in the greater Hyannis area.”

A precinct map must be divided so each precinct has a similar population count, within five percent.

The new precinct map will be on the Town Council agenda at their next meeting May 5.

Ms. Hutchenrider, in a memo to Barnstable Town Manager John Klimm said that the new map came out of a meeting with the Town Council Re-Precincting subcommittee where there was consensus that keeping 13 precincts would have the least amount of changes for voters in town.

With the exception of some of the western-most precincts, the changes are minor.

Ms. Hutchenrider has the map set up in her office for members of the public to view.

The new precinct map must be approved by the town council and submitted to Secretary of the Commonwealth William F. Galvin by mid-June.

The map will go into effect in 2012, on a date to be determined by Mr. Galvin.


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