Council Lowers Mitigation Payments For Developer

After a lengthy debate, the Barnstable Town Council last night voted in favor of lowering the mitigation that developer Chad Doe, of Lewis Bay LLC, needs to pay the town for his redevelopment of the Greenery property on the corner of South Street and Lewis Bay Road.

In the original 2007 agreement, Mr. Doe was allowed to build a fourth story onto the building in exchange for mitigation of about $400,000 for additional water infrastructure and streetscape improvements.

His attorney, David Lawler of Osterville, said his client had already paid for about $1 million in improvements, from streetscape enhancement to landscaping to water infrastructure upgrades.

He said the redevelopment, in which the former nursing home is now luxury apartments and commercial units, has fewer impacts on town services across the board.

Mr. Doe had asked that all of the remaining mitigation payments be removed because of the difficult economy.

Mr. Lawler pointed out that Mr. Doe has been the most prolific developer in the town of Barnstable during difficult economic times and his projects have been lauded by the town.

The Barnstable Planning Board had recommended the Town Council remove all but about $300,000 of the mitigation payments.

The town council, on a motion suggested by Councilor Henry C. Farnham of West Barnstable and Ann B. Canedy of Cummaquid, voted to lower the payments to $150,000 to be targeted toward improvements to the water infrastructure on School Street.

The building has 42 units and three have been sold. The mitigation is to paid to the Town at the rate of $5,000 per unit payable at the time of sale of the units up to the sale of 30 units.


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