Redesign Proposed For Marstons Mills Intersections

Help is on the way for a stretch of sometimes treacherous roadway in the village center of Marstons Mills.

Jo Anne Miller Buntich, the town’s director of growth management, told members of the Marstons Mills Village Association at its meeting Tuesday evening that design money has become available to redesign the roadway area in the vicinity of the Marstons Mills Cash Market.

The area includes the intersection of Cotuit Road (Route 149) and River Road, and, a bit farther north, the intersection of Cotuit Road and Main Street.

The traffic flow through the intersections, combined with vehicles pulling in and out at the front of the Cash Market, can translate into a “dangerous situation,” according to Barnstable Town Councilor Janice L. Barton of Marstons Mills.

The town is mulling a general plan in which River Road and Main Street would enter Cotuit Road across from each other, resulting in a safer traffic configuration.

The plan also would include pedestrian improvements and landscaping.Ms. Buntich, however, emphasized that nothing is written in stone.“It’s all flexible,” she said of the design concept.

To that end, a brainstorming session for village residents on a plan for the area likely will be held in early February.

Taking up potential changes to the roadway area now also allows planners to factor in impacts from the installation of signalized intersections earlier this year at Cotuit Road/Prince Avenue at Route 28, and at Main Street and Route 28.

One change, according to residents who spoke at the meeting, is that more traffic is coming down Main Street.

Another change is that cars crossing over Route 28 from Prince Avenue seem to traveling more rapidly as they head north on Cotuit Road.

The roadway area around the Cash Market already is subject to heavy traffic, with 22,000 vehicles a day moving through that area, according to Craig Larson, president of the village association.

News of the proposed redesign is welcome news to the association, Mr. Larson said.Speaking of the area, he said, “We want to clean it up.”Ms. Buntich said the money for the redesign has become available through mitigation funds provided through the Cape Cod Commission.


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