Passengers Upbeat As CapeFLYER Train Service Returns

About the only thing sunnier than the light coming through the windows of the CapeFLYER Friday evening as it rolled along the side of the Cape Cod Canal was the disposition of the passengers riding the train.

A total of 315 passengers were on board for the train’s inaugural Boston-Hyannis trip of the 2014 season. That’s up 50 percent from the 2013 inaugural trip that introduced the service.

The CapeFLYER departed South Station at 5:12 PM and rolled into Hyannis shortly before 8 PM.

Unlike thousands of other people stuck in Memorial Day weekend traffic jams on Route 3, the Cape-bound passengers on the CapeFLYER were able to get up, walk around, get beer or wine at the bar, make new friends, and generally relax as the train kept rolling toward its destination.

Cathy Serrano, heading for a home in West Yarmouth, thanked Thomas Cahir, administrator of the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority, for helping provide an alternative to get to the Cape.


Riding in a car or a bus on Route 3, Ms. Serrano said, “all you do is get stressed or get mad.”

Rafael Varela of Buzzards Bay, who works as a chef in Boston, called the idea of the CapeFLYER service “just brilliant.”

“It’s been great,” said Alex Bourque of Cambridge, on his way to a campout at Nickerson State Park in Brewster.

The CapeFLYER returned to Boston Friday night. On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, the train has been scheduled to leave Boston at 8 AM, stop in Buzzards Bay at 9:18 AM, and arrive in Hyannis at 10:18 AM, returning to Boston each evening.

The Boston-Buzzards Bay fare is $20 one-way and $35 round-trip. The Boston-Hyannis fare is $22 one-way and $40 round-trip.


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