Bourne Police arrested two women in Buzzards Bay on September 18: one on outstanding warrants and the other on drug charges. The woman arrested on drug charges, police said, had hidden heroin in a buttocks-enhancing prosthesis.

At 1:21 PM, police said, a blue 2005 Volkswagen Jetta crossed the double-yellow line on Bayberry Road near the intersection of Puritan Road.

The police stopped the vehicle. As they approached, they observed that the windows of the Jetta had excessive tinting. The vehicle was shaking from the movements of people inside.

Police ordered the occupants out of the vehicle to conduct a safety frisk. A search of the driver, Jill M. Roy, 32, of Studio Drive turned up a small purse that contained pills and crushed pills for which she could not produce a prescription.

The police said that the passenger in the vehicle, Jennifer A. Johnson, 32, of Diandy Road was becoming agitated during the search.

Police said that Ms. Johnson initially provided a false name to police, but that Ms. Roy then provided the correct name, which alerted police that Ms. Johnson was wanted on two outstanding warrants.

The police placed both women under arrest.

A subsequent search of Ms. Roy revealed a hard prosthetic in her underwear that she told police that she wore to make her derriere more attractive. Police said that they found heroin inside the prosthetic. The police said they also discovered marijuana in the Jetta.

The police charged Ms. Roy with possession of heroin, a Class A drug, and possession of heroin with intent to distribute; possession of Class B, D and E drugs, and possession of Class B, D and E drugs with intent to distribute; and violating marked lanes.

They took Ms. Johnson into custody on warrants for unarmed robbery and operating with a suspended license.

Update September 24, 2014, at 7:52 PM: Ms. Roy was the woman with the prosthetic.

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