Attorney General Rejects Bourne Selectman's Complaint

The state attorney general’s office has rejected a complaint filed by selectman Donald J. Pickard charging the Bourne Board of Selectmen with violating the state’s Open Meeting Law.

During the board’s February 4 meeting, members voted to have town counsel Robert S. Troy represent them that same night at a meeting of the Bourne Charter Compliance Committee. The board had been charged with a violation of the town charter through its opposition to the Bourne Planning Board’s approval of Vincent P. Michienzi’s parking lot at 9 Sandwich Road. 

Mr. Pickard’s complaint stated that the amended agenda did not include the vote to have Mr. Troy represent the board.

The attorney general’s office ruled that the board did not violate the Open Meeting Law as alleged by Mr. Pickard. However, the board did violate the law because it did not include “sufficient detail about an anticipated executive session topic” on its agenda or its announcement of going into executive session.” The board also violated the law by not responding to Mr. Pickard’s complaint, the attorney general said.


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