BHS AP Scores Reach New Height

Advanced Placement test scores for Bourne High School students are the highest they have been in five years.

The scores are also higher than state and worldwide averages with 77.8 percent of the test takers scoring a 3.0 or higher compared to 72.2 percent of the total Massachusetts test takers and 61.3 percent of the entire student community taking the test.

The highest possible score is a 5.0 but success on the AP exam is defined by a score of 3.0 which represents research that predicts college success and college graduation for students with scores starting at 3.0 and go higher.


Superintendent of Bourne Public Schools Steven M. Lamarche congratulated the high school teaching staff for the students’ performance.

“Bravo,” Mr. Lamarche recently wrote in a memo to the high school staff. “Last year we outpaced our global partners for the first time and this year, for the first time in five years we outpaced our counterparts in Massachusetts,” he wrote.

Advanced Placement tests are part of the College Board Advanced Placement Program. The AP courses offered in high school give students a taste of what college is like and their test scores might help them stand out on college applications.

Scoring well on an AP test may also help the student receive college credit for the class, and allow them to opt out of introductory courses, potentially saving thousands of dollars in tuition and fees.

Bourne High School offered 2014 Advanced Placement courses and testing in biology, calculus, United States history, English language and composition, English literature and composition, as well as psychology.

Calculus, taught by Jeffrey Lanctot, received the highest average AP accounting of 4.41.

“Your work as instructors is evident by the students’ progressive performances over the past five years. We must all applaud everyone as this is a collective effort and impressive outcome,” Mr. Lamarche said.


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