Bourne Cop Logs April, 13 2014

Monday, April 7

At 11:44 AM, a Sandwich Road man notified police that he had come home for 20 minutes when he discovered the driver’s side window had been smashed on his blue 2004 Subaru Impreza.
The man said the window might have been accidentally smashed by a landscape crew working in the area. But police said they could not determine if the crew was involved.

  * * *

At 3:27 PM, a Bowsprit Place resident called police to say that someone had sliced a line in her deck slider screen door. The resident said she believed the screen had been sliced sometime in the past week.

The house, however, had not been entered and nothing had been taken.

Tuesday, April 8

At 8:55 AM, a resident walked into the police station to report a syringe on the sidewalk in front of a Main Street tavern.
An officer disposed of the syringe in a sharps container.

  * * *

At 9:52 AM, police were notified of a tree limb resting on power lines in the vicinity of Sandwich Road, causing them to arc.
Police confirmed the situation and notified NStar, who removed the limb and reset power to the area.

  * * *

At 12:31 PM, a cell phone caller reporting discovering “a bunch” of syringes outside a store on the Cranberry Highway.
Police found three syringes at the scene and disposed of them in a sharps container.

  * * *

At 2:41 PM, the owner of a Route 28A business walked into the police station to report a larceny of more than $250 by check.
The owner said a customer had paid for a heating bill with a check, but the business subsequently discovered that the check had been written after the checking account had been closed.

Wednesday, April 9

A head-on crash on Main Street in Buzzards Bay resulted in two medical transports and one citation.

At 11:39 AM, the police received multiple calls reporting a collision on Main Street with injuries.

Police said an investigation revealed that Laura Samuels, 64, of South Dennis was driving a blue 2007 Toyota Camry east on Main Street when her vehicle crossed over into the opposite lane.

The Camry struck a blue 2012 Toyota Corolla driven by Barbara Russo, 64, of Buzzards Bay.

Bourne paramedics transported both women for hospital treatment.

Although police said a medical issue may have contributed to the accident, they cited Ms. Samuels for violating marked lanes.         

  * * *

At 2:46 PM, police were notified of vandalism to the Aptucxet railroad station, a gift shop at the Trading Post on Aptucxet Road.

Police determined that a glass gift case and a hand railing inside the shop had been damaged. The incident is under investigation.

  * * *

Four people at a Bakers Lane residence who ate pancakes laced with marijuana were taken to Tobey Hospital in Wareham for treatment.

Police received a request at 4:08 PM to assist Bourne paramedics with one of the individuals, who was having difficulty breathing.

Bourne paramedics subsequently transported the four to Tobey Hospital for treatment.

No charges are anticipated at this time, police said.

Thursday, April 10

At 12:56 PM, police learned that a blue 2001 Volkswagen Beetle was stuck on a drainage gate in front of Subway on Main Street.

Bob’s Towing arrived to lift and disengage the vehicle from the grate. The car then left without incident.

  * * *

At 1:42 PM, a caller reported syringes found on a construction site next to the US Post Office.

An officer disposed of the syringes in a sharps container.

* * *

Police arrested a Bourne man who they say was driving 50 miles per hour down Main Street in Buzzards Bay.

At 9:50 PM, police stopped a black 2009 Nissan Altima traveling on Main Street. The police proceeded to arrest the driver, Michael S. Parsons, 31, of Summer Street. They charged him with speeding (going 50 mph in a 25-mph zone) and operating with a suspended license, subsequent offense.

  Friday, April 11

At 8:31 AM, the town Department of Public Works notified police of vandalism to recreational facilities behind the Bourne Memorial Community Building on Main Street in Buzzards Bay.

At the skate park, the DPW discovered a hole in the fence and graffiti. Two skateboard ramps had been partially disassembled. Pieces of broken light bulbs had been found on the grass field behind the skate park.

The police are investigating.

Saturday, April 12

A break-up led to an alleged stabbing attempt with a hypodermic needle.

At 12:04 AM, a MacArthur Boulevard man called police to notify them that he had just been punched in the face by a woman, who then fled in a silver Toyota Venza.

Police responded to the scene. The man told him the woman was his ex-girlfriend, who was upset that their relationship had ended.

In addition to striking him, the man said, the woman also had attempted to stab him with a hypodermic needle.

While interviewing the man, police observed the woman driving by the residence in a Toyota Venza. The police stopped her and placed her under arrest.

The police charged Kelli Ann Driscoll, 30, of East Sandwich with assault with a dangerous weapon (a hypodermic needle), assault and battery (domestic abuse), and operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license.

  * * *

At 12:31 AM, police responded to a report of a fight between two males in the lobby of the McDonald’s restaurant on Meetinghouse Lane.

One of the participants fled in a red 2005 Toyota Prius before police arrived.

A police investigation revealed that the two individuals had pushed each other, and that one had punched the other in the face.

Police found both individuals and told them each could press charges against the other, but that the police, having not observed the altercation, could not bring charges.

  * * *

At 4:23 PM, police were notified that a 75-pound brass Coast Guard-style bell had been stolen from a wooden post in the yard of an Eel Pond Road residence.

Police are investigating the theft, which would carry a charge of larceny over $250.

Sunday, April 13

Police charged a man found sleeping on the side of the road with possessing and distributing cocaine.

At 8:14 AM, police were notified of an intoxicated man sleeping next to the intersection of Shore Road and Wales Drive.

The police found the man to be lethargic, confused and acting oddly. They requested Bourne Rescue for a medical evaluation.

Knowing the man from past encounters, the police decided for their safety and the safety of the public to conduct a pat frisk.

Police said the frisk revealed a white powdery substance packaged in small plastic bags inside a larger plastic bag. The police said the powder subsequently was determined to be four grams of cocaine.

Jeffrey Alton Morris, 27, of Cliff Road was charged with possession of a Class B drug, cocaine, and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

  * * *

Police arrested a Thomas Avenue man for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.         

At 9:39 AM, the girlfriend called police to report that her boyfriend had just assaulted her.

The woman said he had beaten her up, choked her, and slammed her against the floor. She said he then fled their apartment, and that she proceeded to follow him to Cumberland Farms.

Police called in Bourne Rescue for a medical evaluation of the woman, and launched a search for the man, who they found at the West Rotary.

The police charged Joseph E. Andrade, 40, of Thomas Avenue with assault and battery (domestic abuse.)


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