Bourne Cop Logs April, 22-28 2014

Tuesday, April 22

A tradesman who allegedly took more money for his work than agreed upon will be summonsed into court for larceny.

A police investigation revealed that a Second Street resident who had hired the tradesman to do tile work handed him two blank checks with instructions to enter certain amounts.

Police said that the tradesman, however, cashed the checks for a larger sum. At 9:41 AM, the resident notified police of the alleged larceny.

* * *

At 11:29 AM, a patrolman on a Sagamore Bridge work detail reported a motor vehicle accident on the bridge with personal injury.

Police and Bourne paramedics responded.

The police found that a white Ford Ranger pickup truck had been struck on its side by another vehicle, causing a sideview mirror to shatter and sending glass into the driver’s arm. The second vehicle kept going.

Paramedics transported the driver to Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Plymouth.

Thursday, April 24

Police arrested the driver of a vehicle that they said ran up on the sidewalk near the East Rotary, returned to the roadway, and then kept going.

At 1:23 AM, police following a white 2005 Chevrolet stopped the vehicle on the Bourne Bridge Approach after observing what they described as erratic operation.

The police proceeded to charge the driver, Keith Duquette, 54, of Onset with operating under the influence of liquor, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, operating with a suspended registration, operating an unregistered motor vehicle, and operating an uninsured motor vehicle.

* * *

At 3:17 PM, a man walked into the police station to report that his former girlfriend had taken one of his checks without his permission, filled it out for a sum and cashed it. Police launched an investigation.

* * *

A police officer who knew a driver lacked a valid license stopped that man’s vehicle and placed him under arrest.

About 4:53 PM, an officer observed David L. Wisener, 40, of Cranberry Road in Buzzards Bay driving a black 2002 BMW on Main Street. The officer proceeded to stop the BMW.

The police charged Mr. Wisener with operating a vehicle with a suspended license - subsequent offense.

* * *

At 7:13 PM, police received a complaint about two pit bulls fighting in the roadway of Buzzards Bay Avenue.

Police investigated. They found that an avenue resident had brought a new dog home, but that the animal was not getting along with the existing dog at the residence.

The resident told police that the new dog would be returned in the morning. When police came to the residence, they found that the dogs were being kept in cages in separate rooms.

Friday, April 25

At 5:17 PM, a Wings Neck Road resident notified police that when she left her home at 3 PM, she secured her dog in an inside kennel.

When she returned home, she said, the dog was gone.

Police responded. They learned that a family friend had come and taken the dog for a walk.       

* * *

An off-duty police officer who observed a gray 2011 Toyota Camry operating erratically notified on-duty police, who stopped the car and arrested its driver.

Around 7:29 PM, police stopped the Camry on Shore Road. The police charged its driver, Richard L. Olson, 49, of Scraggy Neck Road in Cataumet, with operating under the influence of liquor, operating to endanger and violating marked lanes.

Sunday, April 27


Police arrested the driver of a vehicle that they said was traveling 86 miles per hour in a posted 55-miles-per-hour zone.

At 1:26 AM, police stopped the vehicle on MacArthur Boulevard. They charged its driver, Peter D. Connors, 42, of Brockton with operating under the influence of liquor - second offense, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, speeding, and lacking a valid inspection sticker.

* * *

At 3:49 AM, a cab driver who had driven a customer from West Roxbury to the Massachusetts Maritime Academy reported that the passenger jumped out on Academy Drive and ran away without paying the fare.

Working with MMA police, the Bourne police located the passenger, a student at the academy. The student agreed to make restitution.

Monday, April 28

At 6:22 AM, a Harrison Road resident reported that someone had entered her unlocked black 2003 Saturn and stolen a global positioning system device. Police are investigating.


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