Bourne Cop Logs May 5 - May 12, 2014

Monday, May 5

An argument over money led to a criminal charge against a Pocasset woman.

Police said that Holly A. Midwood, 49, of Bellavista Drive became involved in a verbal dispute with her sister about 10:15 PM. Ms. Midwood subsequently pushed her sister, according to police.

The police charged her with assault and battery (domestic abuse).

Tuesday, May 6

A father and his adult daughter face criminal charges stemming from a physical altercation at a residence on Jillian Drive.

Police said Robert L. Pelletier, 72, and his daughter, Sheryl J. Pelletier, 45, both of Jillian Drive, began pushing and shoving each other about 5:37 PM.

The police charged Mr. Pelletier with assault and battery (domestic abuse) and Ms. Pelletier with assault and battery on a person over 60 years of age.

* * *

A motor vehicle stop of an erratic driver on Head of the Bay Road in Buzzards Bay resulted in the arrest of two Plymouth residents on drug charges.

At about 11:04 PM Tuesday, police stopped the vehicle. They said they found the driver, Carmel M. Winer, 53, responded to questions with slurred speech and delayed responses. Yet no obvious signs of alcoholic intoxication could be detected.

Despite instructions to remain still, police said, both Ms. Winer and her passenger, John McMahon, 31, continued to move in their seats, with Ms. Winer at one point reaching for the center console.

At that point, police, concerned that she might be reaching for a weapon, ordered both out of the vehicle.

According to police, a search of Mr. McMahon turned up a syringe loaded with heroin. Police said they also found cocaine in the center console.

The police arrested both individuals.

They charged Ms. Winer with possession of a Class A drug, heroin; possession of a Class B drug, cocaine; operating under the influence of drugs; open container violation; violating marked lanes; illegal possession of a Class E prescription drug; and knowingly being present where heroin was being kept.

Police charged Mr. McMahon with possession of a Class A drug, heroin, and possession of a Class B drug, cocaine.

Thursday, May 8

Police who observed what they believed was a drug transaction between individuals in two separate vehicles near the East Rotary executed two motor vehicle stops that resulted in drug charges.

About 3:28 PM, the police stopped a gray 1999 Saturn. One of the passengers was Keith D. McCue, 44, of Plymouth. Police said an investigation revealed that Mr. McCue had just purchased heroin and had a syringe loaded with heroin.

The police also stopped a 2010 Chrysler Sebring driven by Tara A. Anderson, 28, of Dedham.

Police said their investigation showed that Ms. Anderson had just sold Mr. McCue heroin. The police further said that Ms. Anderson possessed a large sum of cash, although they declined to identify the amount.

Mr. McCue was charged with possession of a Class A drug, heroin. Ms. Anderson was charged with distributing a Class A drug, heroin, and possession of a Class A drug, heroin.

Saturday, May 10

An empty child seat sent bouncing down a staircase led to the arrest of a 29-year-old Buzzards Bay man.

Police said James J. Lumley of Head of the Bay Road was standing at the top of the stairs about 5:55 PM and arguing with his brother, when he kicked the seat down the stairs. The seat struck his brother.

The police charged Mr. Lumley with assault and battery (domestic abuse).

Sunday, May 11

At 12:46 AM, police responded to a rollover accident on Shore Road near Brooks Road.

When police arrived, they found that a gray 2005 Nissan 350Z had rolled over after running off the road, striking a sign and a tree, and losing a tire.

The driver, Justin Desharnais, 22, of Sandwich was wearing a seat belt and was not injured, according to police.

The police cited Mr. Desharnais with operating to endanger, speed greater than reasonable and violating marked lanes.

* * *

At 5:39 AM, police responded to a report of a disturbance at a shared residence on Barlows Landing Road.

According to police, an investigation revealed that Eric K. Caspersen, 34, of Barlows Landing Road had taken some small change from a common area used by the landlord.

When another tenant confronted Mr. Caspersen, police said, the latter pushed the tenant and tried to coax him to fight.

Police charged Mr. Caspersen with assault and battery (domestic violence) and larceny under $250.

* * *

A gray 1990 Porsche traveling 75 miles per hour in a 55-mph zone drew the attention of police, who ended up arresting the driver.

The police said that Thomas C. Duce Jr., 50, of Nairn Road in Cataumet was speeding on MacArthur Boulevard when police stopped him about 10:12 PM.

According to police, Mr. Duce showed obvious signs of intoxication, and proceeded to fail sobriety tests.

The police charged him with operating under the influence of alcohol, second offense, and negligent operation of a motor vehicle.

Monday, May 12

A woman who observed three individuals rummaging inside her vehicle about 3:16 PM notified police, who subsequently arrested all three.

The woman told police that items had been taken from her vehicle, parked at the Christmas Tree Shops lot. She said when she approached the individuals to confront them, they got into another vehicle and left in a hurry over the Sagamore Bridge toward Boston. But she had noted their license plate number.

Police said they subsequently pulled over a green 1997 Chevrolet Lumina with the same plate number. They said they found items stolen from the woman’s vehicle and also from another vehicle at the lot.

The police arrested the three individuals in the Lumina. They were Kristi Lee Mullen, 36, of Third Avenue in Pocasset; Courtney M. Massey, 24, of Carver; and Armando J. Ferreira, 42, of Wareham.

Police charged each individual with two counts of breaking and entering a vehicle or boat in the daytime for felony, and two counts of larceny over $250.


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