Bourne Officer Saves Life Of Choking Victim

An off-duty Bourne police officer saved the life of a choking woman on Friday, July 18, at the Brookside Golf Club on Brigadoon Road.

At about 9:48 PM, police said, patrolman Christopher Wrighter was finishing dinner with his family at the club’s dining room when he heard a commotion at a nearby table.

The patrolman went over to the table to see what was happening, and realized that a woman there was choking.


Police said another woman at the table already was performing the Heimlich maneuver, but had not succeeded in dislodging the obstruction.

Patrolman Wrighter took over as the woman began to lose consciousness and turn blue. He guided her to the floor and started chest compressions.

As a result of the officer’s fast action, police said, the woman regained consciousness and expelled the food that had been obstructing her airway.

She subsequently was examined by Bourne paramedics, but declined transportation to a hospital.

Bourne Police Sergeant Brandon M. Esip said the department is “very proud” of patrolman Wrighter’s quick thinking and action in the incident.


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