Bourne Police Logs August 11 - 17, 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Wolf Road resident called police at 10:25 AM to report the theft of two kayaks that were on the beach near the residence. The resident said that the kayaks had been taken while he was away between July 17 and August 10.

Police are investigating.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A license plate check conducted by a police officer on the Scenic Highway at 5:15 AM led to the arrest of a Plymouth woman on several charges.

The officer, who was following the vehicle, determined that the owner’s license was suspended. Following a traffic stop, the officer determined that the owner was the driver.

Police arrested Elizabeth Ann LaPlante, 44. They charged her with operating with a suspended license, operating with a suspended registration, uninsured motor vehicle, and speed greater than reasonable.

The police also took Ms. LaPlante into custody on three outstanding warrants for failing to license a dog.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

At 7:55 AM, a caller said that his dirt bike was taken sometime from between 1 and 5 AM outside the Herring Run Motel on Scenic Highway.
Police are investigating.

* * *

At 12:31 PM, a Circuit Avenue resident walked into the police station to report that his bank was reporting suspicious out-of-state charges for gasoline purchases on his credit card. The man had not made the purchases.
Police and the bank are both investigating.

* * *

At 3:04 PM, a male walked into the police station to report that his unsecured mountain bicycle had been stolen from outside his Wolf Road residence.

Police are investigating.

* * *

At 6:26 PM, a representative of Bourne Youth Baseball flagged down an officer on Shore Road to advise that both the Monument Beach and Pocasset ballfield snack shacks had been broken into.

Police responded to the Monument Beach shack, where entry had been forced but nothing apparently had been taken.

The Pocasset shack had been broken into on August 7 and a small amount of change had been taken, according to the league. But the league had not reported the break-in when it was first discovered.

Friday, August 15, 2014

A blue 2002 Nissan 350Z crashed into a deer at 5:51 AM on the Scenic Highway, leading to the death of the deer and the disabling of the Nissan.

No charges were filed against the owner and driver of the vehicle, Juliano Araujo, 33, of Hyannis.

Emergency medical technicians from Bourne Fire Rescue responded to the scene, but Mr. Araujo declined treatment.

The deer was removed from the roadway.

* * *

At 11:47 AM, a collision was reported between a bicyclist and a pedestrian on the Canal Service Road near Old Bridge Road.

A police investigation determined that the cyclist had looked down for a few seconds, and looked back up to see the pedestrian immediately in front of him. A crash occurred.

Both the bicyclist and the pedestrian suffered minor injuries. Emergency medical technicians from Bourne Fire Rescue transported the pedestrian for hospital treatment.

Police did not cite the bicyclist, as they deduced no criminal intent.

* * *

At 10:49 PM, an employee of the Sagamore Inn restaurant on Sandwich Road reported that her purse was missing.

The employee said that she placed the purse in the same spot whenever she came in to work a shift. On the evening, the purse contained money and keys valued above $250.

Police are investigating.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

An East Falmouth woman was cited following a two-car crash at 12:34 PM at the corner of Old Forge Lane and Shore Road.

Police said that a red 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt driven by Mary Montalbano, 81, of Bourne was traveling east on Shore Road when a black 2007 Ford Edge driven by Paulie Helie, 60, of East Falmouth pulled out from Old Forge in front of her to take a left onto Shore Road.

A crash ensued.

Emergency medical technicians from Bourne Fire Rescue transported Ms. Montalbano for hospital treatment. Police cited Ms. Helie for failing to use care in stopping or starting.

* * *

Police arrested an Old Dam Road resident after he allegedly ran a stop sign at 5:24 PM.

The police stopped a black 2011 Hyundai operated by Branden S. Coggeshall, 22.

The police arrested Mr. Coggeshall for failing to stop or yield, and for operating a vehicle with a suspended license.

* * *

At 7:40 PM, a man called police to report that the windshield on his boat, which was at Kingman Marine & Boatyard on Shipyard Lane, had been damaged.

Police are investigating.


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