Bourne Police Logs July 7 - 14, 2014

Monday, July 7, 2014

An altercation at the Herring Run Motel on the Scenic Highway led to a criminal charge against a Bourne woman.

At 8:36 AM, a woman called police from the motel to report a problem with her daughter and requesting that her daughter be removed from the location.

According to the police, an argument had developed over living arrangements between the daughter on one hand and her mother and her mother's boyfriend on the other.

During the argument, police said, the daughter punched her mother in the face.

The police arrested the daughter, Caitlyn E. Kirby, 18, of Scenic Highway and charged her with assault and battery (domestic abuse).

* * *

At 10:14 AM, a clerk at Ye Olde Spirit Shoppe on Meetinghouse Lane called police, requesting to speak with an officer about a shoplifting incident.

When the officer arrived, the clerk told him he had suspected a customer might have taken a bottle of liquor without paying, and that the store's surveillance tape had proved him right.

The officer recognized the customer from the surveillance tape and went to the man's Sagamore Beach residence. Police said the man admitted to taking the liquor and offered to pay for it.

Instead, police planned to issue a summons to the man, Bruce Delsie, 38, of Sagamore Beach, to go to court to face a charge of shoplifting.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

At 11:30 AM, a Morning Mist Lane resident walked into the police station to report that the rear license plate had been taken overnight from his vehicle, which had been parked in his driveway.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

At 8:47 AM, police were notified of a vehicle crash at the Otis Rotary.

The police responded to find a brown 2012 Mercedes-Benz in the woods near the rotary.

Police said the driver of the vehicle, Frederick Weingeroff, 81, of Mashpee was traveling north on MacArthur Boulevard when he experienced a medical issue.

The police said the vehicle crashed into a yellow pole next to the rotary, went back onto the road, then off the road again to go down an embankment and into the woods.

Bourne paramedics transported Mr. Weingeroff to Falmouth Hospital for treatment. Police cited him for violating marked lanes.

* * *

At 4:53 PM, a Sagamore Road resident called to report that his paddle board, which he normally leaves on nearby Sagamore Beach, had been taken overnight.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Shortly before 3:54 PM, police recognized a man who they knew did not possess a license driving a red Jeep on Crowell Road.

The police stopped the vehicle on Noreast Drive. They proceeded to arrest its driver, Michael J. Perry, 32, of Sycamore Avenue in Sagamore Beach.

While compiling an inventory of items in the Jeep, police said, they came across a folded piece of paper that contained brown powder that turned out to be heroin, and a number of syringes, one of which contained a brown liquid that contained heroin.

The police charged Mr. Perry with possession of a Class A drug, heroin, subsequent third offense, operating a motor vehicle with a revoked license, third offense, and speeding.

* * *

At 10:26 AM, police received a call reporting a domestic disturbance at a Crump Road residence.

When police arrived, they found a man and woman, who were husband and wife, standing in the driveway arguing.

The police said their investigation revealed that the husband was blaming the wife because their child still was awake.

During the argument, police said, the husband stomped his bare foot on his wife's left foot and held it to the ground. The police said they observed a red mark on her foot where he had done so.

The police arrested the husband, Patrick M. McKeon, 39, of Crump Road. They charged him with assault and battery (domestic abuse).

Friday, July 11, 2014

At 7:12 PM, police were notified of a motor vehicle crash in the parking lot of a condominium on Village Green Road.

The police responded. They said their investigation showed that David Digirolamo, 35, of Sagamore got into a blue 1998 Acura, not his own, and began to drive away from the condominium.

They said that Mr. Digirolamo proceeded to return to the parking lot of the condominium, ran the vehicle into the woods, backed it up, then ran it into a fence in front of a dumpster, and backed up.

The police said the vehicle then struck the edge of an open garage door at the condominium, where it came to rest.

Police charged Mr. Digirolamo with operating under the influence of drugs and operating to endanger. Police said he had taken too much prescription medication.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

At 5:35 PM, police responded to the parking lot of Buzzards Bay Park on Main Street for a report of a man asleep behind the wheel of a vehicle.

The police responded to find the man was asleep behind the wheel. They further observed a can of Budweiser beer between the man's legs and other beer cans in the vehicle.

With some difficulty, police woke up the man. He told them he did not see what the problem was with listening to the car radio and having a few beers.

Police said the man subsequently became belligerent and resisted arrest.

The police proceeded to arrest the man, whom they identified as Fran J. Vaccari, 35, of Waterhouse Road in Bourne. They charged him with operating under the influence of liquor and with resisting arrest.

* * *

At 10:39 PM, police responded to a two-vehicle crash at the intersection of Beach Street and County Road.

Police said their investigation showed that Lauren Fortes, 18, of Sagamore Beach was driving a blue 2005 Honda Accord on Beach Street toward Clay Pond Road when she went through a stop sign at County Road.

At the time, police said, Rosemarie Handy, 71, of Monument Beach was driving a green 2004 Jeep on County Road. The police said Ms. Handy's vehicle struck Ms. Fortes's vehicle in the driver's-side door.

Police cited Ms. Fortes for a sign violation.

* * *

At 10:57 PM, a clerk at Bourne Bridge Liquors on Main Street notified police that a customer was refusing to leave the store and was banging on doors and windows.

The police said they arrived to find an intoxicated man outside the store, later identified as the person in question.

When police attempted to frisk the man, they said, he pulled away. The police proceeded to arrest the man and place him in handcuffs.

Police charged the man, Brian W. Soule, 52, of Head of the Bay Road in Buzzards Bay, with resisting arrest. They also took him into custody on a warrant for operating under the influence of liquor.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

At 4:51 PM, a Sandwich Road man walked into the Bourne Police Station to report a past domestic incident.

The man told police that his wife was upset that he had involved the police in a matter concerning their son. While he was in bed trying to sleep, he said, his wife had come into the room, jabbed her finger into his eye, and threatened to stab him.

Police went to the residence in question, where they arrested the wife, Alison S. Harrington, 48, of Sandwich Road. They charged her with assault and battery (domestic abuse), and threatening to commit a crime (assault and battery with a dangerous weapon).

* * *

At 7:53 PM, police responded to Ocean State Job Lot on Main Street, where a store employee informed them that a man and a woman had been caught shoplifting.

The employee said the two individuals had been observed taking items from the shelves and placing them in the woman's purse, and that the man was taking items and jamming them into his cargo shorts. The two allegedly then sought to leave the store without paying for the items.

Police proceeded to arrest Brooke A. Oldfield, 20, of Wareham, and David A. Freeland, 21, of Plymouth. Both were charged with shoplifting. Police also took Ms. Oldfield into custody on a warrant for shoplifting.

Monday, July 14

At 2:32 AM, police responded to the report of a hit-and-run involving a pedestrian on State Road.

The pedestrian, a 32-year-old man, told police he had been walking south along but off the road when a northbound SUV crossed over the fog line and came at him.

The man attempted to dodge the vehicle, but was clipped by its mirror and was knocked down.

A police search for the vehicle was unsuccessful. Bourne paramedics transported the pedestrian to Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Plymouth for treatment.


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