Bourne Police Logs June 23 - 29, 2014

Monday, June 23

A random check by police of a vehicle traveling on St. Margaret’s Street in Buzzards Bay at 3:23 PM led to the arrest of an East Wareham man.

Police said the check showed that the owner of the gray 2000 Ford Expedition was Tristan S. Humphries, 28, whose license has been revoked.

Following a motor vehicle stop, police learned that Mr. Humphries had been driving the Ford. They also found that the vehicle lacked a valid inspection sticker.

Police arrested Mr. Humphries, charging him with operating a motor vehicle with a revoked license and no valid inspection sticker.

Tuesday, June 24

At 1:57 PM, a Cranberry Road resident notified police of a motor vehicle theft from his property.

The man had been working from some time on the vehicle, an unregistered 1970 Volkswagen Beetle. He said had last seen the vehicle five days earlier, but had just realized it had been taken. Police are investigating.

* * *

At 2:13 PM, a Barlows Landing Road resident reported the theft of prescription medications from a briefcase at his residence. Police are looking into the matter.

* * *

A ruckus at TJ’s Grill and Bar at the Bourne Bridge Approach led to two people being taken into custody.

At 10:56 PM, police received a call of a disturbance at the establishment. On their arrival, a man was restraining an individual later determined to be Barry S. Martin, 55, of Foretop Road in Bourne.

According to police, Mr. Martin had gotten into an argument with a woman named Yasmin V. Cormack, 28.

During the argument, police said, Mr. Martin threw a moped helmet at Ms. Cormack. The police arrested Mr. Martin and charged him with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, the helmet, assault and battery (domestic abuse).

Police also checked into Ms. Cormack and found that she was wanted on a warrant for unarmed robbery. So they arrested her, too.

* * *

At 11:46 PM, police responded to a suspected heroin overdose at a Clay Pond Road residence.

Police learned that the person had had a history of heroin addiction. When she learned that day of some difficult news, police said, she went upstairs and later was discovered in an unresponsive state in a bathroom that she had locked.

Bourne paramedics treated her with Narcan, a medication that swiftly reverses opiate overdoses, and transported her to Falmouth Hospital.


Wednesday, June 25

A random check of a vehicle resulted in the arrest of the driver.

At 7:20 PM, police ran a query on a black 2000 Dodge Neon traveling on Shore Road and then conducted a motor vehicle stop.

The police proceeded to arrest the driver, Jonathan D. Tetreault, 32, of Route 28A in Cataumet. They charged him with operating a vehicle with a suspended license and operating a vehicle with a revoked registration.

* * *

At 9:36 PM Wednesday, police were alerted responded to Clay Pond Road for report of a woman—the same woman as the day before—who was again unresponsive.

This time, prescription medications appeared to be responsible for putting her in an unresponsive state. Bourne paramedics proceeded to transport her voluntarily for hospital treatment.

Thursday, June 26

At 11:23 AM, a man walked into the police station to report that a tractor apparently had cleared a path through brush on his Cox Road property. The man had not given permission for any path to be cleared.

* * *

At 11:27 AM, police said, a driver failed to yield at the West Rotary, resulting in a collision that sent a motorcyclist to the hospital.

The police said that Darleen Hall, 64, of Rochester was driving a brown 2007 Mercury when she entered the rotary from Wareham.

Police said Ms. Hall failed to yield to a 2001 Harley-Davidson motorcycle operated by Andrew Sargent, 30, of East Falmouth, leading to a collision.

Bourne paramedics responded and transported Mr. Sargent to Tobey Hospital in Wareham. Police cited Ms. Hall for failing to yield.

Friday, June 27

At 9:27 AM, a Bennets Neck Road resident called to report the theft of more than $250 worth of jewelry. Police are investigating.

* * *

Allegedly aggressive behavior by a man at the Bourne Bridge Mobil at Head of the Bay Road led to his arrest on multiple charges.

At 8:16 PM, police received word that an angry man was rummaging through vehicles at the service station and had confronted at least one vehicle owner.

When police arrived, they found an owner was restraining the man, who subsequently was identified as Christopher W. Joy, 30, of Falmouth.

After police found cause to take Mr. Joy into custody, he resisted, leading to additional charges. Police said he continued to act combatively during booking at the police station.

The police charged Mr. Joy with assault and battery, breaking and entering a vehicle in the daytime for felony, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He also was taken into custody on warrants for shoplifting, possession of a Class A drug, and disorderly conduct.

Saturday, June 28

Police arrested a Hyannis man shortly after 1:21 AM on several motor vehicle charges.

The police ran a random check on a black 1999 Audi A4 traveling south on MacArthur Boulevard and then stopped the vehicle.

They arrested the driver and owner of the vehicle, Vincent R. Borghi, 58, of Hyannis. Mr. Borghi was charged with operating a vehicle with a suspended license, subsequent offense, uninsured motor vehicle, and unregistered motor vehicle.

* * *

At 1:57 AM, a police officer driving east on the Scenic Highway observed a vehicle driving west on the highway at a high rate of speed and with its headlights off.

The officer turned his cruiser around and then activated his warning lights.

The vehicle, a gray 2000 Toyota Prius, did not stop, but turned onto Herring Pond Road and onto Bournedale Road, where the driver eventually stopped.

The driver, Alexander D. Raab, 20, of Springvale told police that he had not been drinking. But police said that Mr. Raab then failed to perform field sobriety tests.

Police arrested Mr. Raab, charging him with operating under the influence of liquor, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, failure to use lights, and speed greater than reasonable (traveling 70 miles per hour in a 40 mph zone.)

* * *

At 3:10 PM, after observing what appeared to be a drug transaction involving a red 1989 Ford Escort in a parking lot near the intersection of Cohasset and Buzzards Bay avenues, police approached and spoke to the driver.

The driver showed police that he had a small amount of suboxone with him.

The police brought in a K-9 team from the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office. The K-9 proceeded to indicate more drugs in the pockets of the individual. A search revealed more suboxone.

Police planned to issue a summons to the man to appear at Falmouth District Court.

* * *

At 3:52 PM, a representative of Angels Touch Auto Reconditioning on MacArthur Boulevard walked into the police station to report a suspected scam.

Police said the scam, which they have seen before and are starting to see again, reportedly got about $2,000 from the business.

The representative told police that the business had received a call shortly before the weekend from someone representing themselves as NStar Electric, saying that the business’s power bill was overdue and that power

would be shut off that weekend.

The ostensible utility representative told the business that the only way to pay was to place the due amount on a Green Dot card and then communicate the code to allow the company immediate access to the money.

The business did so, only to learn that its power had never been in danger of being cut off.

Police have reached out to Green Dot and have launched an investigation.

* * *

At 6:26 PM, police were notified that a man on the beach off Hospital Cove Road was not breathing, and that he possibly had overdosed.

The police responded to find that an individual with the man had administered Narcan to him, and that he was conscious and breathing.

Bourne paramedics proceeded to transport the man to Falmouth Hospital for treatment.

* * *

At 8:18 PM, a woman called police from a Williston Road residence, reporting that her  former boyfriend had become highly agitated and he was damaging her vehicle.

As police arrived, they could hear yelling from inside the residence.

Their investigation found that Norman J. Dias, 26, of Williston Road had thrown a PlayStation 3 controller at his former girlfriend, although he missed. Police also observed dents in the woman’s vehicle that she said Mr. Dias had caused.

The police arrested Mr. Dias. They charged him with assault with a dangerous weapon, a game controller, and malicious destruction of property over $250.

Sunday, June 29

At 10:16 AM, police were notified of a possible heroin overdose by a man at Canal Bluffs on Harmony Hill Road.

The man’s girlfriend told police that she had found him lying on the floor of the bathroom and foaming at the mouth shortly before 8 AM. She told police she got her boyfriend into a cold shower, which helped, she said.

By 10 AM, however, he began taking a turn for the worse, prompting her emergency call.

Bourne paramedics transported the man to Tobey Hospital in Wareham for treatment.

* * *

At 5:12 PM, a large group of individuals on Shawmut Road waved down a police officer for assistance.

Group members told the officer that a vehicle had come along and pushed two large potted plants down the road before leaving the scene. The plants were not damaged.

Police subsequently located a vehicle whose description matched that of the vehicle in the incident. The vehicle’s driver, however, told police that he had no memory of pushing any plants down Shawmut Road.

No further investigation is planned.


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