Bourne Police Logs June 2-9, 2014

Monday, June 2

Police said an accident involving a school bus on Main Street did not generate any injuries.

At 8:27 AM, police said, a school bus driven by Linda McNeill, 70, of East Wareham on Main Street slowed to allow a pedestrian to cross at the intersection with Academy Drive.

Police said a blue 2001 Saab following the bus and driven by Heidi Martin, 44, of Wareham, also slowed.

But they said a third vehicle, a gray 2003 Saab driven by Michael Beane, 41, of Wareham, did not slow.

The police said Mr. Beane’s vehicle struck the rear of Ms. Martin’s vehicle, pushing it into the rear of the school bus.

No injuries were reported.

Police cited Mr. Beane for following too closely.    

* * *

A hysterical call brought police to a McGrath Road home, where they arrested one of the residents.

Starting at 10:07 AM, the police received the frantic call, followed by a second call that reported that a family member was “flipping out.” The member reportedly did not have weapons, however.

The police arrived at the residence, where they arrested Christopher J. Fallon, 22, of McGrath Road.

According to police, a verbal argument between Mr. Fallon and his sister and brother had escalated, leading Mr. Fallon to push his sister and get on top of his brother to hold him down.

Police charged Mr. Fallon with two counts of assault and battery (domestic abuse).

* * *

At 11:42 AM, police responded to the report of larceny at the National Marine Life Center on Main Street.

An investigation revealed that bars of soap had been taken from the center’s gift shop.


Tuesday, June 3

At 10:19 AM, a Birch Street resident walked into the police station to report the larceny of a handgun.

Police said the man had kept the firearm in a spare bedroom, which he had not visited for some time. The man found on his latest visit to the bedroom that the handgun was missing. The man lives in a single-family home.

* * *

Failure to submit to arrest added to the legal troubles of Cody F. Carr, 20, of Duxbury, initially pursued by police for alleged motor vehicle violations.

About 7 PM, callers alerted police to a white Nissan sport utility vehicle operating in the vicinity of Savery Avenue and Old Plymouth Road. Police were provided with a partial reading of the Nissan’s license plate.

Police subsequently encountered the Nissan on Main Street in Buzzards Bay, and stopped the vehicle.

Police said the driver, Mr. Carr, failed sobriety tests. When police informed Mr. Carr that he was under arrest, he allegedly began swearing at police and resisted arrest.

Police subdued Mr. Carr and took him into custody. They charged him with operating under the influence of alcohol, 2nd offense, violating marked lanes, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, resisting arrest, malicious destruction of property under $250 and leaving the scene of a property damage accident.

Wednesday, June 4

At 2:07 AM, police said, they clocked a black 2014 Honda Accord traveling on the Scenic Highway at 74 miles per hour in a posted 50 mph zone.

The police conducted a motor vehicle stop. They charged the driver of the vehicle, Alexandre S. Ferreira, 25, of Centerville with operating with a suspended license and speed greater than reasonable.

* * *

At 7:46 AM, police received word of a man in a sports car that had been sitting in the parking lot of the Speedwash Laundromat on Main Street for two days in a row, although the man did not come in to do laundry.

Police responded to find a silver 2007 Dodge Charger in the lot. The driver told police that he was on vacation, that he did not know the area, and that had just parked in the lot to take a break.          

The police advised the man that the parking area near the Buzzards Bay railroad bridge was a good place to take a break.

* * *

Failure to provide identification added a charge to two others brought against a driver from Pocasset.

At 11:21 AM, police stopped a black 2000 Ford Focus on Sandwich Road with an expired inspection sticker.

When police spoke with the driver, she said that she had left her license at home, and also could not remember her Social Security number.

Police, however, subsequently succeeded in identifying the driver.

The police charged the driver, Ciarra N. Peterson, 27, of First Street with operating with a suspended license, providing a false name as a driver, and with an expired inspection sticker.

Thursday, June 5

At 7:18 AM, a Kayajan Avenue resident reported vandalism overnight to her vehicle.

Police found tires on the passenger side of the vehicle had been slashed.

* * *

At 1:42 PM, police responded to a call reporting that a snapping turtle may have been struck by a car near the intersection of Puritan and Little Bay roads.

Police removed the turtle from the roadway and notified the town Department of Natural Resources, which picked up the turtle.

* * *

The New York Police Department got in touch with the Bourne police to let them know that a man wanted on a murder warrant might be staying at a motel in the town.

Bourne police supervisors instructed patrol officers to keep an eye out for the man, Roberto M. Aquero, 19, of the Bronx.

At 8:57 PM, police conducted a motor vehicle stop on a white 2000 Dodge Neon on Lincoln Avenue.

During the stop, police saw that the passenger looked like Mr. Aquero. The police said Mr. Aquero initially denied his identity, but later confirmed it.

Police said when they conducted a search of Mr. Aquero, they found a large amount of cash on him, with small wax packages containing heroin inside the currency.

The police arrested Mr. Aquero. They charged him with possession of a Class A drug, heroin, possession of a Class A drug, heroin, with intent to distribute, and being a fugitive from justice on a murder warrant issued in New York.

Police said the drug charges against Mr. Aquero later were dropped in Falmouth District Court to allow for his return to New York to face the murder charge.

Friday, June 6

At 9:05 AM, police conducted a K-9 drug sweep of Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical High School on Sandwich Road.

The police said the search, which involved the participation of Dutch, the department’s drug-sniffing dog, did not find any narcotics.

* * *

Police said that the nearby presence of a drug-sniffing dog helped lead to the arrest of an Onset woman.

At 1:51 PM, Officer Lee A. Desrosiers observed that a blue 1999 Buick Regal operating on the Scenic Highway lacked a valid inspection sticker.

As Officer Desrosiers prepared to stop the Buick, he noticed its passenger threw something out of her window.

When the patrolman approached the vehicle, he noticed that the female driver and her female passenger were nervous, which police said made him nervous.

Officer Desrosiers informed the women that he was a K-9 officer and that they could observe his drug-sniffing partner, Dutch, in his cruiser.

At that point, police said, the driver, 39-year-old Jennifer L. Farren, acknowledged she possessed heroin and handed it to Officer Desrosiers.

Police charged Ms. Farren with possession of a Class A drug, heroin, and an expired inspector sticker. They did not press charges against her passenger, but gave her a ride to the McDonalds restaurant on Meetinghouse Lane to await a ride.

* * *   

Suspicious activity in the Christmas Tree Shop’s parking lot in Sagamore resulted in the arrest of two men on drug charges.

At 7:23 PM, police noticed a blue 2002 Dodge Caravan parked away from other vehicles in a corner of the lot becoming known for its drug activity.

Police who approached the vehicle said they observed a syringe containing a liquid in the lap of the passenger, Ryan Ebert, 22, of Marstons Mills. A search of the vehicle also revealed heroin powder on a $1 bill next to the driver, Mark D. Andrade, 24, of Sandwich.

The police charged each individual with possession of a Class A drug, heroin.

Saturday, June 7

An accident, combined with reports of fast and erratic driving, caused police to cite a Dennisport woman.

At 7:24 AM, police said, a black 2012 Toyota Scion driven by Christian Swayger, 27, was traveling west on the Scenic Highway in the vicinity of Hess Express when it struck the rear of a black 2007 Toyota Rav driven by Peter Rea, 52, of Centerville.

After striking Mr. Rea’s vehicle, police said, Ms. Swayger’s Toyota swerved across several lanes of traffic before stopping near Cape Cod Charlie’s Bake Shop.

Police cited Mr. Swayger, who was transported for medical treatment, for negligent operation of a motor vehicle, violating marked lanes and speed greater than reasonable (75 miles per hour in a 50 mph zone).

* * *

At 9:22 AM, police were notified that a white pickup truck with no tailgate just had had a very close encounter with the CapeFLYER passenger train in Wareham. The train had to make an emergency stop.

Police monitored the Narrows Bridge between Wareham and Buzzards Bay just after the call, but no vehicle matching the truck’s description passed by.

* * *

At 7:31 PM, an employee at the Antique Affair on Main Street reported that an antique hutch had been damaged, apparently by people who had visited the store.

Police confirmed the damage.

Sunday, June 8

A three-vehicle accident in a restaurant parking lot resulted in several charges against a Plymouth woman.

At 5:47 PM, police responded to the report of an accident next to Eastwind Lobster on Main Street.

Their investigation revealed that a brown 1999 Mercury Tracer had been operating erratically in the vicinity just prior to the accident.

Witnesses said the Mercury was involved in an accident in the parking lot that also involved a 2006 Toyota Corolla and a 2011 Buick Regal.

The driver of the Mercury, Rebecca A. Hall, 22, told police she did not remember what had happened and may have blacked out.

Although she also spoke to them in a lethargic manner, she did not show signs of alcohol intoxication.

Police subsequently determined that Ms. Hall had taken prescription medication, but was not supposed to drive after taking the medication.

They charged her with operating under the influence of drugs, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, and violating marked lanes.

Monday, June 9

At 2:46 AM, police responded to a one-car accident on Clay Pond Road near the intersection with Sanford Lane.

A police investigation found that a gray 2010 Mercedes-Benz driven by Christopher Bird, 25, of Monument Beach had failed to negotiate a bend in Clay Pond Road, left the roadway and struck an oak tree.

Bourne Rescue transported Mr. Bird to Falmouth Hospital for an ankle injury.

Police cited him for negligent operation of a motor vehicle and violating marked lanes.


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