Bourne School Building Group Named For Peebles Work

Town administrator Thomas M. Guerino appointed 16 people to an interim school building committee recently that will work with the Massachusetts School Building Authority to help oversee the renovation of the James F. Peebles Elementary School.

The committee is “interim” at this time because Town Meeting has yet to authorize a project to renovate the school.

The project will come before Town Meeting next month.

The move to create the committee was done now to satisfy a requirement of the Massachusetts School Building Authority. A list of committee representatives and their relationship to the Peebles renovation project was due to the authority in August.


In the last 10 years the Massachusetts School Building Authority has made more than $10.7 billion in reimbursements to cities, towns, and regional school districts for school construction projects. The authority’s money comes from a dedicated revenue stream from the state’s 6.25 percent sales tax, one penny from each transaction. School districts work closely with the authority on building and renovation projects and must follow its specific guidelines in order to receive the authority’s help, instruction, guidance and reimbursement of costs.

Although the appointed committee is temporary, it may be made permanent by the town moderator, Robert W. Parady, at Town Meeting this fall. Mr. Parady may also make additions and changes to the committee at Town Meeting.

Any interested person should fill out and submit an application and send it to Mr. Parady to be considered for the final committee. Applications can be obtained by request to Changes made during Town Meeting will be submitted to the Massachusetts School Board Authority after the vote.

Voting members:
Peter J. Meier, chairman, Bourne Board of Selectmen
Christopher Hyldburg, chairman, Bourne School Committee
Laura Scena, member, school committee
Christine Crane, former member, school committee
Richard A. Lavoie, member, Bourne Finance Committee
William Meier, listed as building trade expert
James L. Potter, listed as building trade expert
Mary Jo Coggeshall, former school committee chairman
Frederick H. Howe, Bourne Board of Health

Non-voting members:
Edward S. Donoghue, director of business services, Bourne Public Schools
Thomas M. Guerino, Bourne Town Administrator
Jonathan Nelson, director of facilities, Bourne Public Schools
Steven M. Lamarche, superintendent of Bourne Public Schools
Elizabeth A. Carpenito, principal
Kathy Anderson, elementary/special education secretary



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