Bourne's Town Administrator Declines Longmeadow Job

Town Administrator Thomas M Guerino will remain working for Bourne.

On July 16, he was selected for the town manager’s position in Longmeadow, an appointment that was made pending negotiations. Mr. Guerino said Tuesday that he and the Longmeadow Select Board were unable to come to an agreement, and “very amicably” decided to go their separate ways.

Mr. Guerino said that he could not, with his wife and children in mind, accept Longmeadow’s contractual terms.

“We agreed the gap was too big to bridge,” he said Tuesday. He also said he reviewed Longmeadow’s terms with counsel and was advised not to accept.

Mr. Guerino’s family home is in Vermont. He has been staying in Massachusetts during the week, and going home on weekends, making applying for the western Massachusetts job attractive if he and the town had been able to come to an agreement on terms.

The commute notwithstanding, Mr. Guerino said he will gladly continue to serve the Town of Bourne to the best of his ability. He said he feels he has the support of the majority of his board, that his department heads have been “nothing but hugely supportive of me,” and that he works well with the Bourne Finance Committee and other boards.

In Bourne, Mr. Guerino has a two-year contract that began on July 1. That contract followed on the heels of a one-year agreement.

His current Bourne contract explicitly added sections on “performance expectations” and other clauses that indicated that selectmen were split in their support of him. That contract also, however, raises Mr. Guerino’s base salary from $130,288 to $138,000 per year and gives him a number of other benefits.

At the end of June, the Bourne Charter Compliance Committee voted to ask selectmen to reopen that contract, having found fault with wording in the contract that says its provisions will supersede the town charter. After the meeting at which that request was approved, the group’s special counsel, Michael D. Ford of Harwich, was asked whether a reopening of the contract could result in a revisiting of that document’s provisions. Mr. Ford said that question was not within his scope as special counsel, leaving the question unanswered.

John A. Ford Jr., chairman of selectmen, said this week that he would be scheduling a meeting in the near future for a discussion of the charter compliance committee findings on the contract complaint, as well as on one calling into question a selectman’s right to request employee e-mails without a board vote.

Selectman Earl V. Baldwin said he expected the administrator and the board to go forward in the same way they have been going.



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