Cape Downwinders To Rally Again

It has become an annual sight on Labor Day and it will greet travelers as they exit the Cape across the Sagamore Bridge again this year.

The Cape Downwinders will hold its annual No Escape from the Cape rally at the bridge on Monday, September 1. The nuclear safety advocacy group will be at the bridge, protesting Entergy Corporation and its continued use of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth. Cape Downwinders has rallied on both Labor Day and Mother’s Day for the past several years. Group leaders have said that their aim is to draw attention to the danger they claim the nuclear plant poses to Cape residents. They note that the Pilgrim plant is the same design as the one that failed at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan in 2011.

Group members also oppose plans by both the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency to have Cape residents “shelter in place” in the event of a catastrophe at Pilgrim Nuclear.


In a press release, Cape Downwinders mentioned that the plan would be to relocate people on the Cape after the damage is done “and just like Fukushima they may never be able to return to their homes again.”

Because there is no escape from the Cape, Cape Downwinders calls for removing the threat, not the people, the group stated.

The Cape Downwinders rally will be held Monday, September 1, along Route 6 at the Sagamore Bridge and in front of the Christmas Tree Shop, from 11 AM to 2 PM.


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