Fingerprints, Attic Flight Add To Charges Against Onset Man

Things have gone from bad to worse for Jonathan H. Robohm.

First police charged the 27-year-old Onset man with resisting arrest after they said he fled into the attic of a Tara Terrace house last week in an attempt to avoid police.

Then new charges were brought against him after police said his fingerprints tied him to the burglary of several residences in Bourne.


The story starts at 7:54 PM Wednesday, April 9.

Police arrived at a house on Tara Terrace to serve warrants on Mr. Robohm, who was known to be present at the residence on occasion.

The police, who could observe Mr. Robohm inside the house, called on him to come out. He declined to do so.

The owner of the house then came out to tell police that the man was no longer welcome in her house.

The police proceeded to enter the residence, where they said Mr. Robohm had fled into the attic. The police proceeded to extricate him from the attic.

They served him with warrants for breaking and entering a building in the nighttime for felony, and larceny over $250 by a single scheme. They also leveled a new charge of resisting arrest on him.

Then, at 9:53 PM Friday, April 11, police stopped a white 2013 Ford F150 pickup truck on Clay Pond Road. The vehicle was overdue from U-Haul, where it had been scheduled for return on March 24. An individual other than Mr. Robohm was driving the truck.

Portside Towing brought the truck to the police station, where the police had requested the assistance of the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

At 2:58 PM, police executed a search warrant on the vehicle. They said they found burglarious tools and also items possibly stolen from several residences.

Police said they were able to tie the tools and stolen items to Mr. Robohm.

They said he had left his fingerprints in another Tara Terrace residence that previously had been burglarized (not the house where he hid in the attic.) The police had identified the prints as belonging to Mr. Robohm after running them through a state database.

Police said Mr. Robohm would have had no reason to be in that house.

The police proceeded to bring new charges against Mr. Robohm of breaking and entering in the daytime for felony, and larceny over $250.


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