Hearing Scheduled For Bourne Solar Project

The Cape Cod Commission will hold a public hearing next month on a proposed solar farm on eight acres just off MacArthur Boulevard in Bourne.

The hearing will review the project as a Development of Regional Impact (DRI).

The applicant, Fiddlers Green Limited partnership, is proposing to develop a roughly eight-acre, two-megawatt solar farm at 53 MacArthur Boulevard.

The land would be accessed by way of a 10-foot-wide, 2,000-foot-long gravel driveway leading from MacArthur Boulevard. A request for further details on the project was turned down by Edward F. Simpson, spokesman for Fiddlers Green Ltd.

“We do not believe that it is appropriate to comment on this project until we have had our hearings with the Cape Cod Commission,” Mr. Simpson said in a July 29 e-mail.


Bourne town planner Coreen V. Moore said that the project was first brought to the town’s attention in 2012. At that time, My Generation Energy of South Dennis planned to build the solar farm on the property, which they would have leased through the land owner, Fiddlers Green Ltd.

The solar farm project was scheduled to go before the Cape Cod Commission for a DRI review in January 2013. Ms. Moore said the project’s size was more than 40,000 square feet. That topped the commission’s threshold for any outdoor commercial enterprise and automatically qualified it for DRI review, she said.

The commission deemed the application incomplete because it was missing information, Ms. Moore said. My Generation Energy has since dropped out, and the project was withdrawn from consideration until all the necessary information could be compiled to return to the commission.

Fiddlers Green Ltd. refiled with the commission last month, Ms. Moore said.

“They’re going under review with the Cape Cod Commission before coming back to the town,” she said.

Jeffrey Ribiero, regulatory officer for the Cape Cod Commission, confirmed that the size of the project, 40,000 square feet, exceeded the threshold for outdoor commercial use and triggered a DRI review by the commission.

Mr. Ribiero also noted that following next month’s hearing, there will be a 90-day period of time during which the commission will accept input from the public on the project. After the 90 days, the commission must issue a ruling within 60 days on whether the project, as presented, can move forward.

Once the commission had made their ruling, the project will still need to be brought before the Bourne Planning Board for approval.

The commission hearing will take place on August 13 at 5:30 PM at the Bourne Veterans Memorial Community Center on Main Street in Buzzards Bay. The public is invited to attend.


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