Heroin Shakedown In Bourne Results in Murder

A shakedown during a heroin deal cost Antone Gutierrez of Bourne his life, according to the state police.

Mr. Gutierrez, 22, whose last known address was on Trowbridge Road, was found lying in the westbound lane of that road at about 9:40 PM Monday by Bourne Police Officer Brian Lucier, according to an affidavit by state police Captain Christopher S. Mason.

Capt. Mason said Mr. Gutierrez told Officer Lucier several times that he had been shot and believed he was going to die.

Three hours later, at about 12:42 AM Tuesday at Boston Medical Center, Mr. Gutierrez was pronounced dead.

Earlier today, April 16, Sonny J. Tavares, 25, of Algonquin Street in Buzzards Bay was arraigned in Falmouth District Court for the murder of Antone Gutierrez.

Mr. Tavares pleaded not guilty.


But according to Capt. Mason’s affidavit, which was filed at the court in connection with the arrest of Mr. Tavares, the Buzzards Bay man Monday evening fired a bullet into Mr. Gutierrez.

In the affidavit, Capt. Mason said police got in touch with a woman, Courtney Massey, who was staying at a grandparent’s house in Carver.

Mr. Tavares had told police in an interview Tuesday, April 15, that Ms. Massey was present during an encounter with Mr. Gutierrez outside the All Seasons Inn on Trowbridge Road.

In a subsequent interview with state police detectives, according to Capt. Mason’s affidavit, Ms. Massey said she had driven to the All Seasons Inn on Monday evening to buy heroin from Mr. Gutierrez.

When she arrived, Ms. Massey said, Mr. Gutierrez approached the passenger side of her vehicle. So, she said, did Mr. Tavares and another individual, identified as Amonty Amado. She told police that the two men then attempted to rob Mr. Gutierrez.

An altercation then ensued, she said, during which Mr. Tavares fired a handgun at Mr. Gutierrez. She said she thinks that Mr. Amado then stabbed Mr. Gutierrez with a knife. Ms. Massey said Mr. Gutierrez then ran off toward Trowbridge Road.

Mr. Tavares and Mr. Amado proceeded to enter Mr. Gutierrez’s motel room, according to Ms. Massey. They then left the room and joined her in her vehicle.

According to Ms. Massey, the trio then traveled to Wareham, Dartmouth and New Bedford. During the trip, she said, she saw Mr. Tavares hand Mr. Amado a handgun, and observed both men discard knives in Dartmouth.


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