Lockdown Lifted At Bourne Schools

 Bourne public schools went into lockdown early today after reports of a possible gunman found inside a school bus.
Police said that at no time were any students placed in any danger.

The incident occurred between 6 and 6:30 this morning when a bus driver boarded her bus parked at the vacant Coady School, where the town’s school buses are parked. The Coady School is no longer in operation.

Bourne Police Lieutenant Richard E. Tavares said the bus driver found a teenager, wearing a backpack, inside the bus. Lt. Tavares said that visible from the backpack was something that appeared to be a rifle.

When the bus driver went to call police, the youngster escaped through back of the bus, police said.

All schools in Bourne immediately went into lockdown as Bourne police, state police and Wareham police converged on the Coady School, searching for the youngster. Bourne Police Chief Dennis R. Woodside said that a piece of what the driver saw in the backpack was found at the scene. A K9 unit was also brought in and tracked a scent through the woods near the school. Police said there was no indication the young man went anywhere near the other schools in town.

Lt. Tavares said police have an idea who the suspect is after interviewing students at Bourne High School. Chief Woodside said that police expect to find him soon.

As of press time, police had not caught the suspect.


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