Monument Beach Apartments Plagued by Nighttime Gunshots

Police this past week received two more reports of gunshots fired from outside the Clay Pond Apartments on Harmony Hill Road in Monument Beach.

This brings the number of reported gunshot incidents at the complex since early September to four.

No one has yet been injured, although one bullet was shot into a second-floor apartment where two people were sleeping.

Police do not yet have any suspects in the incidents.

“We want to put an end to this before someone gets hurt,” Bourne Police Lieutenant Richard E. Tavares said yesterday.

The lieutenant said the police are pursuing a lot of different leads in the case. They also have met with residents at the complex to address their concerns and ask their help in calling 911 to report suspicious behavior.

But Lt. Tavares also said the motive for the shootings remains unknown.

The most recent gunshot incident was reported to police by two separate callers at 12:20 AM Monday.

Arriving police searched the area in and near the complex, but did not find anyone. The police did find what appeared to be a projectile in the parking lot about 50 feet from one of the two buildings in the complex, as well as apparent damage to a shingle outside the second floor of that building.


Monday’s incident was the latest in a string that started September 3.

At 1:44 AM on that day, police received a call from a man at an apartment in the Clay Pond Road affordable housing complex.

The man told police that he had been sleeping on a couch at the apartment when he heard what sounded like a muffled gunshot from the parking lot. He then heard a crumbling sound from inside the apartment.

The caller found a small quarter-sized hole in the wall facing the parking lot, and a .45-caliber bullet on the floor.

Bourne police subsequently found a hole on the apartment’s exterior wall facing the parking lot. Sounds of gunfire were also reported on September 22 and last Saturday.


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