One Business Has Been Supplying Scallops To Bourne Festival For 11 Years

Hauling up the tent for the 2013 Scallop Festival
PHOTO COURTESY TERI STANLEY - Hauling up the tent for the 2013 Scallop Festival

The 44th Annual Bourne Scallop Festival kicks off tomorrow. For exactly one-quarter of the festival’s existence, one business has supplied the more than two tons of scallops consumed by patrons of the event.

For the past 11 years, J&J Concessions of Lakeville has been the sole supplier of the festival’s seafood namesake. Roger M. Pinard, co-owner of J&J Concessions along with his wife, Hope A., said that festival-goers will continue to dine on his food for several years to come.

“We just signed on for another four years,” he said.

Mr. Pinard said that in the 11 years he has been involved with the festival, the number of dinners made and sold has risen substantially. He said that before he became involved, the festival sold approximately 8,500 dinners. Since he started providing the food, that number has jumped to about 12,500, he said. 

“My goal is to make 14,000,” Mr. Pinard said during a phone interview this week. He said that he hopes to do that this year with a new, specially designed trailer he had built by Stealth Trailers in Indiana. The “one of a kind” trailer, which arrived this week, holds 17 fryers for the approximately 5,000 pounds of scallops, 2,000 pieces of chicken, and 3,000 pounds of French fries that he will prepare for the festival.

“It’s like a restaurant on wheels,” Mr. Pinard said of the trailer.


In addition, he and his staff will prepare half a ton of freshly made cole slaw, and bake somewhere between 10,000 and 12,000 dinner rolls. Mr. Pinard said that to get all that food to the festival site, he has to rent two tractor-trailers; one just for the scallops, and another for everything else. He explained that the scallops, unlike the other food items, have to be packed in ice, so they are kept in a separate truck.

Ironically, it is not the scallops that one large contingent of festival visitors prefers to eat, Mr. Pinard said. “I don’t know why, but they like the chicken,” he said.

Asked if he has ever run out of scallops or any other food during the festival, Mr. Pinard just laughed. “Nope, I never run out of anything,” he said.

Beginning of Fall Festival Tour

The Bourne Scallop Festival is just the first stop on a New England fall festival tour for the Pinards. They said that they will also travel to Maine for the annual Fryeburg Fair, scheduled for September 29 through October 6. Right after, they come back out to the Cape for the Yarmouth Seaside Festival in Yarmouth, from October 12 and 13.

In addition to the scallop and chicken dinners from J&J Concessions, there will also be lobster rolls, chowder, salad, hamburgers, hot dogs, desserts and a raw bar at the festival. Beer and wine will also be available, Cape Cod Canal Chamber of Commerce President Marie J. Oliva said.

The festival’s tent went up last week at Buzzards Bay Park. Ms. Oliva said that inmates from the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office assisted workers from A Tent to Rent in raising the tent. More than 50,000 patrons are expected to dine inside the tent during the course of the festival’s three days, she said.

Ms. Oliva pointed out that new this year to the festival will be the ability of patrons from as far away as Boston to avoid highway traffic by taking the CapeFLYER train right to Buzzards Bay. Also new this year are several local food vendors, including Wicked Kickin’ Savory Cheesecakes, East Wind Lobster, and Native Times Coffee.

Mermaids on Cape Cod, a mobile boutique of jewelry, scarves, hats and sunglasses, will be selling its fashion items, and nationally recognized food critic James Carafoli will be on hand to autograph copies of his new cookbook, “Cape Cod Chef’s Table.”

There are also new musical performers this year, Ms. Oliva said. The Cadet Glee Club from the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut, will perform at 11 AM on Saturday morning. Also, the Massachusetts Maritime Jazz Ensemble will have its festival debut on Sunday at 5 PM. In addition, there are returning favorite performers such as Toe Jam Puppet Band, performing at the Gazebo on Saturday at 11:30 PM, and Entrain, performing on the Main Stage on Saturday at 7 PM.

General admission to the festival is $6, but admission for children between the ages of 6 and 12 is only $5. For children 5 and under, admission is free; parking is free as well. Meal prices are $22 for the scallop dinner and $20 for the chicken dinner. Ms. Oliva noted that people can save $2 on their meal by purchasing tickets in advance. Buying in advance also means not having to wait in long ticket lines, she said. In addition, there will be family-friendly rides and games.


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