Pathways Project Should Be Done In Time For Centennial

Plans are moving forward for Canal Crossways, the nature trail located just off Main Street, adjacent to the Buzzards Bay post office and the new Keystone Place senior housing project.

Members of the Bourne Open Space Committee said the project will definitely be completed in time for this summer’s Cape Cod Canal Centennial Celebration.

The path leading from the parking lot down to the canal service road has been cut and the foundation for the bridge leading from the end of the trail across to the bikeway is in, as well as the footings for the gazebo to be installed near the bridge.


During the committee’s meeting Monday, member Richard D. Rheinhardt said that the project’s contractor, Rochester Ventures Incorporated out of Rochester, plans to move some large boulders near the parking lot, clear some of the vegetation, level the area and put the rocks back in place. Mr. Rheinhardt noted that one of the rocks has a smooth side, and he suggested repositioning it with the smooth side facing the parking lot.

“Maybe we can get some wording on it,” he said.

Fellow member Richard F. Anderson suggested that several benches be placed at the base of an oak tree that stands at the end of the trail.

“A good spot for someone to sit and meditate,” Mr. Anderson said.

The Canal Crossways property comprises a little more than five acres off Main Street in Buzzards Bay. The town purchased the land that Canal Crossways will be built on in 2002 for $400,000 from the Hia-Pearl Corporation, the owners of the former Grossman’s Lumber Company. It was paid for with Community Preservation Act funds.

The developed property will link Main Street to the Cape Cod Canal Bikeway. The finished product will be similar in look to the Three Mile Outlook path at the end of Perry Avenue, just past town hall. Three Mile Outlook features a paved path, lampposts and benches leading to an observation deck and gazebo overlooking the Cape Cod Canal.

The project includes improving the existing parking lot by leveling it and then covering it with double-crushed stone dust. From the parking lot to the gazebo, there will be a five-foot-wide trail, also covered in double crushed stone dust, running through woods and wetlands that would be open to walkers and bikers. Immediately after the gazebo will be a small bridge that will provide people with access to the Cape Cod Canal bikeway. Directional and informational signs will be situated on the trail, along with benches at pull-off areas where people can rest.

The open space committee also agreed to ask the Bourne Department of Public Works to place a chain stretched from two pipes anchored in the ground across the base of the driveway leading to the former Lyons home on Aptucxet Road. Committee member Penny M. Myers said Bourne police reported that the property has been attracting unwanted activity lately, mostly young people in town. Ms. Myers said that a chain would cut down on vehicle traffic up to the property.

“Right now, we need to keep people out,” she said.

The Lyons property was bought by the town with $650,000 in CPA funds authorized by voters at the May 2012 Annual Town Meeting. By buying the land, the town acquired 228 feet of frontage on the Canal Service Road. The house that was on the property was demolished this past winter and the land has since been cleared. The open space committee plans to build a small parking lot and put in benches, plantings and picnic tables for visitors.


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