Police Add Patrols To Battle Break-Ins

Bourne police are increasing patrols as a way to combat a recent spate of vehicle break-ins in the Monument Beach area.

The department plans to conduct extra patrols using unmarked vehicles with an eye toward catching whoever is responsible for the break-ins, according to Bourne Police Lieutenant Richard E. Tavares.

The department will conduct the patrols at random times, Lt. Tavares said yesterday.

The lieutenant said the Bourne police recently have seen an increase in thefts from vehicles.


Police recorded three incidents last Friday and Saturday in which windows were smashed on vehicles, although nothing was taken from inside the vehicles.

The police recommend that people lock their vehicles and keep any valuables inside the vehicles out of sight.

People also are encouraged by the police to call 508-759-4451, or 911, to report any suspicious activity or individuals. The department will accept anonymous calls.

“We’re taking an aggressive, proactive approach,” Lt. Tavares said.


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