Selectman Zuern Heads Abbington Academy

Selectman Linda M. Zuern has expanded her educational career. A teacher in both public and private schools for some 16 years, Ms. Zuern, the director and president of the Center of Independent Learning, has been named the director of Abbington Academy. The institution helps parents who are looking to home-school their children.

Ms. Zuern was named the academy’s director in March of last year, at the same time that she moved the academy from Hyannis to the building at 118 Waterhouse Road in Monument Beach from which she operates her tutoring center.


“It’s easier for me to run the school out of my own office,” she said.

Abbington Academy was started in Yarmouthport in 1983 by two women who wanted to home-school their children. The state denied the women’s request, so they put together a private school that operated out of one of their homes. The two ran the academy until their children graduated from high school. After that, they neglected the school and it fell on hard times. The school actually shut down for a couple of years until it was revived, largely through Ms. Zuern’s efforts, and reopened in Hyannis.

Ms. Zuern said she became involved with Abbington Academy in the late 1980s. She helped out by filing paperwork and documentation required by the state to keep the school in business.

The Hyannis operation shut down about three years ago before Ms. Zuern moved it to Bourne in March of last year.

Abbington Academy takes students in kindergarten to grade 12. Students are home-schooled by their parents, with the school providing individualized curriculum tailored to each student’s interests and abilities.

Required courses include English, science, mathematics and history. High school-age students are encouraged to participate in an apprenticeship or independent study program.

Ms. Zuern said that, despite the student enrollment issues confronting the Bourne Public Schools, she does not see Abbington Academy as posing a threat to the school system. She said that presently the academy has only two students: one from Fall River, and the other from Martha’s Vineyard. The school recently returned two students from Bourne to the public school system, she said.
“So I see us as a good resource for the kids in Bourne,” she said.


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