Summer Vacation Begins For Bourne Students

GENE M. MARCHAND/ENTERPRISE - Bourne Middle School 8th grader Diana Campbell (facing) hugs her friend Lily Bergeron as they leave the school for the last time on the last school day June 20.GENE M. MARCHAND/ENTERPRISE - Seventh graders Hena Patel and Bella Reader laugh it up on the bus as 5th grader Bailey Candeloro celebrates the start of summer vacation.GENE M. MARCHAND/ENTERPRISE - Seventh grade teacher Josh Durepo (right) and many of the teachers and staff came outside to say good-bye to the Bourne Middle School students as the buses left.

Last Friday, June 20,  marked the last day of school for students in Bourne. While many of the surrounding towns started school a few days later in September than Bourne and still had snow days to make up this week, Bourne students have been off enjoying the summer all week.

Principal of Bourne Middle School Melissa L. Stafford took some time on the last day of school to reach out to her teachers and 6th grade students to find out what their favorite teaching or learning moment was this year, what some are looking forward to next year, and what they will miss the most about school.

The answers were no surprise to Ms. Stafford, who finds that the end of the school year is both happy and sad. She recognizes that children are happy to take time off, to play all day in the summer sun, but that they will miss not only their friends but will also miss the structure of the day and the teachers that they have spent the last 10 months forming bonds and relationships with.

Logan M. Rodrigues will miss classmates, “My favorite thing of my 6th grade year was the group of friends I had,” Logan said.

Mary V. Schmitt feels smarter than she did in September. “My favorite thing about 6th grade is thinking about how much more I know now, than at the beginning of the year,” Mary said.

Molly E. Madigan thanked her teachers for everything, “My favorite memory from 6th grade is making new friends and really everything. Thank you to Ms. McCann and Ms. Holden for making 6th grade the best,” Molly said.

Patricia J. Willbanks, consumer and family science teacher for the 5th through 7th grades, remembered specific moments when students were proud of what they learned in class. “What will I miss most? My students, who prepared a recipe that we made in consumer and family science class for their families. They were so proud.”

Ms. Willbanks also added, “I am looking forward to next year, my 35th and final year as an educator. I will miss my students but look forward to the next chapter in my life. My plans for the summer? Reading for pleasure on the patio at my cottage,” Ms. Willbanks said.


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