UCT Class Of 2014 Graduates

PATRICIA PEAL/ENTERPRISE - Graduates of Upper Cape Regional Technical School John McLain and Derek Riebesehl display the medals they won during the 2014 Massachusetts SKILLS USA competition and pose with friends in their caps and gowns before the UCT graduation ceremony.PATRICIA PEAL/ENTERPRISE - Delaney Driscoll wore her mother's favorite flower on her UCT graduation cap. The daisies cheered them both because Delaney's grandmother could not be there to see her graduate.PATRICIA PEAL/ENTERPRISE - Upper Cape Tech girls line up for graduation on June 1. Female students were recognized during the ceremony for bringing just as much pride and distinction to the high school campus as their male counterparts.PATRICIA PEAL/ENTERPRISE - Two UCT students take a selfie to capture themselves and the graduation audience in a photo as they advance to the podium on Sunday to accept their diplomas.

Graduates of Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School seemed relaxed and ready on June 1 to take their earned diplomas in hand.

To help with the celebration, the sun was shining for the seventh year in a row, allowing the ceremony to be held outside on campus.

A total of 150 young men and women marched as their families and friends watched.

Many of the blue graduation caps were decorated with messages for families sitting in the crowd. A particular graduation cap stood out: next to pictures of the people who had helped the young graduate, her one sentiment summed it up. “THANK YOU,” the graduate had written.

Two students and two administrators took the podium with words they hoped would inspire the graduates. Superintendent Robert B. Dutch honored the late Maya Angelou, African-American author, poet, dancer and singer, who died last week, with her quote that read, “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Principal Roger D. Forget  highlighted two “firsts” for Upper Cape Tech. One was student Amelia A. Weare of Wareham, of the horticulture program, who pitched a no-hitter and had a perfect softball game. And the second was Catherine A. Peters of Sandwich, also of the horticulture program, who was elected as a state officer for Future Farmers of America.


Mr. Forget’s message to the entire student body was, “The education you received here at Upper Cape Tech sets you apart from most high school graduates. The fact that you succeeded both academically and vocationally makes you unique,” Mr. Forget said.

Valedictorian for the Class of 2014, Rachel A. Bordieri, took the chance to tell her fellow graduates to look to the future with all its uncertainty and just breathe, “Do not fret over what is to come. Take everything that is thrown your way, one step at a time,” Rachel said.

Joseph T. Martin, the Outstanding Vocational Technical Student of the Year, was also given time at the microphone and delivered a thoughtful speech emphasizing that the Class of 2014 had help along the way and challenged students to become helpers themselves. Joseph also recognized that Upper Cape Tech was like a family and that graduation united everyone’s family for their last day together as one.

In addition to speeches, accolades and diplomas, 53 out of the 150 students graduating received either monetary scholarships or tool scholarships for the trades and industries that they will pursue next year.

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Among the graduates were 99 students from Upper Cape towns. View list of the Upper Cape students.


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