UCT Students Develop System To Decrease Food Waste

Jack Rogers of Buzzards Bay and Joseph Fisher of West Wareham, two Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School’s environmental science and technology sophomores, are competing in the SkillsUSA State Leadership and Skills Competition, with a community action project. For their entry, the two have developed a system to raise black soldier fly larvae for use as decomposers to try to decrease the amount of food waste produced by the school going to landfills.


Black soldier fly larvae are small larvae that decompose food waste at a great rate, reduce greenhouse gases and also can be used as feed for chicken, fish, reptiles and amphibians. The students are working on breeding the flies to result in more larvae for a stable system. To monitor the progress of the system and to gather data, the students employ math, science and communication skills in hopes of solving a real-world problem.

The project can benefit the community by reducing food waste and producing compost. Should it prove viable on a large-scale basis, Cape communities could utilize this as a means to make organic compost as well as reduce the waste going toward landfills.

The two students will report their findings as part of their project at the competition, held from May 1 through 3, in Marlborough. 


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