Career Changers Conference

Cape Cod Community College is holding a free conference for adults considering a change in career or direction on Monday, June 2, from 3:30 to 8:30 PM at the college on Route 132 in Barnstable.


The program includes 10 workshop choices led by industry experts, including policy analyst Robert Clifford and business advisor Cliff Robbins, a keynote address on “Finding Work in the New Economy” by Peak-Careers owner Jim Peacock, and a free light dinner and networking session facilitated by Anne Van Vleck, executive director of Cape Cod Young Professionals.

Participants will learn about career options, today’s labor markets, skills assessment, et cetera. Career specialists will hold workshops offering one-on-one help with resumes. Register online at For more information, call 508-362-2131, extension 4310. The conference begins in the Tilden Arts Center. Early registration is recommended; some workshops have limited seating.


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