CCHC Seeks Proposals For Community Health Needs

Cape Cod Healthcare has released its FY2015 Annual Strategic Grant Request for Proposals (RFP), part of an annual competitive grant process focused on addressing unmet health needs of Barnstable County residents.

CCHC will issue $250,000 in strategic grants for the coming year. In 2013, CCHC invested more than $21 million in community health initiatives.

The fiscal year’s grants will concentrate on specified chronic and infectious disease, and mental health. To qualify, proposals must meet at least one of the following two guidelines: address and positively impact specified chronic or infectious disease management (cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, tick-borne illness), and/or support initiatives targeted at individuals and families facing mental health issues (high or increasing rates of depression, anxiety and suicide; use of hospital emergency departments for psychiatric care, declining availability of outpatient psychiatric care, and access to available mental health services in the region).

Grant proposals must address at least one of these specified chronic or infectious diseases or mental health issues, and meet funding guidelines related to vulnerable populations and measurable outcomes. Grants will either be level one (up to two $50,000 grants) or level two (ranging from $20,000 to $30,000). Deadline for strategic grant proposals is September 10. Grant selection will be finalized in November by the Community Health Committee. The funding period runs from January 1 through September 30, 2015. The RFP can be downloaded from


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