Changing Climate Lecture In Woods Hole

Woods Hole Research Center (WHRC) will host a free community lecture titled, “Changing Climate, Rising Seas: Cape Cod” on Thursday, August 14, at 5:30 PM featuring geologist E. Robert Thieler from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the research center’s senior scientist Robert M. (Max) Holmes.

There is no debate that sea levels are rising. Here on Cape Cod, even a small rise in sea level will have profound effects, including increased coastal erosion, greater vulnerability to storms and stresses to infrastructure. The questions are how much, how fast and what can people do about it. The answers depend on people’s responses to a changing climate. The presentation will examine local sea level rise assessments, implications and possible adaptations within the context of the causes and effects of climate change around the globe.


Dr. Thieler is a coastal geologist and nationally recognized expert on sea level rise at the USGS in Woods Hole. Dr. Holmes is an earth systems scientist who examines how climate change impacts water and chemical cycles.

The lecture will take place in WHRC’s Harbourton Auditorium, 149 Woods Hole Road. The public is invited to attend. Parking and seating are limited, however, and reservations are recommended. To reserve a seat, call 508-444-1517.


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