Falmouth Academy 2014 Recognition Day

At its annual Recognition Day on June 6, Falmouth Academy honored character, hard work, personal and academic growth, and community achievements.

Before he announced the all-school awards, head of school Mark W. Segar said, “When you hear the name of an individual being recognized, think about how the qualities, the skills for which she or he is being honored also are present in many others, and in you. Include every person in your applause, not because we are all outstanding or all the same, but because the values, the attributes we recognize today are ones to which we all can aspire, can cultivate in ourselves, not only in our schooling but throughout our lives.

All-School Awards

Thomas Kimball Clark Award to an upper school student who furthers the ideals of FA: Catherine Aviles ’14

Homer P. Clark Award to two middle school students who further the ideals of FA: Jane Earley ’18 and Nicholas Kania ’18

Olivann Hobbie Renaissance award for diverse excellence: Carlo Bocconcelli ’14

Brenda and Charles Olson Award for love of learning: Luke Johns ’14 in the Upper School and Martha Clark ’18 in the Middle School

The Worthington Campbell Award for ethical leadership: Lily Patterson ’14 and Cassidy Reves-Sohn ’14

Bruce E. Buxton Award for imagination: Ruth Collins ’14

Lewis Award for continuous effort, growth, and leadership, and contributions to and benefits from Falmouth Academy: Lela Sethares ’14

Parents’ Committee Award to a senior who has shown the most academic and social growth during his or her years at Falmouth Academy: William Mendelsohn ’14

Meltzer Award for the Greatest Academic Growth: Henry Jones ’14 in the Upper School and Samira Wolf ’18 in the Middle School

Willard C. and Leona H. Weaner Award scholarships to the students who make an outstanding contribution to the atmosphere of Falmouth Academy: Aidan Huntington ’15 and Phoebe Long ’15

National Honor Society scholarship awards to returning students who give support and help to the community: Mikaela Lawson ’15, Charlotte Van Voorhis ’16

Patrice Buxton Award for love of reading: Skylar Eddy ’19 and Samuel Perry ’19

The Mariner Awards to the students who best represent the ideals of Falmouth Academy Athletics: Mary Rosbach ’14 and Peter Wells ’14.


Department Awards

The Janet Kearsley Award for Distinction in English: Hannah Smith ’15

Middle School Distinction in English: Rebecca Cox ’18

Upper School Distinction in History: Guy Knapp ’15

Upper School Dedication in History: Elizabeth Drinkwater ’15

Susan Pasley MacKenzie Award for Excellence in Ancient History: Théo Guérin ’17 and Brendan Smith ’17

Middle School Distinction in History: Allison Eldredge ’18

Middle School Dedication in History: Helena Connell ’18

Upper School Distinction in Science: Nicholas Russell ’14

Upper School Dedication in Science: Alec Cobban ’15

Middle School Distinction in Science: James Melvin ’18

Middle School Dedication in Science: Celie Mastroianni ’18

Upper School Distinction in Math: Matthew Delaney ’15

Upper School Dedication in Math: Owen Sullivan ’15

Middle School Distinction in Math: Gabriel Nadelstein ’18

Middle School Dedication in Math: Gwen Borning ’18

Upper School Outstanding Beginner in German: Megan Flory ’17

Middle School Dedication in German: Lily Turner ’18

Middle School Outstanding Beginner in German: Aidan Ledwell ’19

Upper School Dedication in French: Victoria Avis ’15

Outstanding Beginner in French: Samuel Wallace ’19

Dedication to Romance Languages: Emma Stillman ’17

Resonance, the Literary Magazine, Awards

1st place prose and winner of the Susan Pasley MacKenzie Creative Writing Award: Cassidy Reves-Sohn ’14

2nd place short story: Martha Clark ’18

1st place poetry: Nicholas Russell ’14

2nd place poetry: Brianna Feldott ’14

Arts Awards

Drama Award for Distinction: Magdelena Primini ’16

Distinction in Jazz: Ethan Altshuler ’15

Distinction in Music in the Middle School: Camden Emery ’19

Distinction and Versatility in Music: Chase Gibson ’14

Dedication in Chorus: Kate Armstrong ’15

Upper School Distinction in Photography: Julia Guérin ’15

Distinction in Ceramics: Natasha Garland ’16

Margaret Tew Ellsworth Award for Distinction in Studio Arts: Isabel Davern ’17

Distinction in AutoCAD: Devin Waite ’19

Dedication of beginning students in Taekwondo: Charlie Colt-Simonds ’16 and Biaggio Filice ’17

Distinction in Physical Education: Camden Marks ’18 and Coralee LaRue ’18


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