Falmouth Town Band Performs Thursdays For Summer Season

Falmouth Town Band will be performing at the Falmouth Music & Arts Pavilion on Thursday, July 10, from 7:30 to 8:45 PM. The band will perform for the first time the “Buzzard’s Bay March” by James M. Fulton. Mr. Fulton lived during the time of John Philip Sousa and although his music is less known, he wrote more marches than Mr. Sousa. The “Forgotten American Music” website preserved the musical heritage of the US through recordings, research, and publication of music by lesser-known composers via their website.

Falmouth Town Band member Bob Katcher provided the town band with this march.

Mr. Katcher, also a brass musician, has played with the band for more than 15 years. He, like several town band musicians, picked up his instrument after many years of not playing when his son and daughter began studying music in the Falmouth Public Schools.

Mr. Katcher can be heard in the first trumpet section of the band.

The band will also perform Sousa’s “The Thunderer March,” music from the musical “Annie,” selections by John Williams, which includes movie music from “Harry Potter,” and a medley of swing music and Pixar movie themes.

The Town Band performs each Thursday throughout the summer at Bigelow Marine Park on Scranton Avenue. Concert-goers are encouraged to bring a beach chair or blanket and to enjoy the music with their families.


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