Free Movie In Falmouth On Easter 'Ben Hur'

Liberty Chalkboard is partnering with the Falmouth Cinema Pub for a special free movie event for Easter.


It will show the Oscar-winning movie classic “Ben-Hur” on Tuesday, April 15, at the Falmouth Cinema Pub at 5:30 PM. The film is rated G and is suitable for the entire family. This is a chance for people to see this movie on the big screen.

The Falmouth Cinema Pub is also a restaurant and will be selling dinner and/ or concessions.

Seating is limited, but the largest theater holds more than 150 people (more than 50 seats are reserved so far).

Reservations are required and will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Seating is limited. 

For tickets, call 985-788-3414 or e-mail


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