Golden Retrievers Needed For Study

Sandwich Animal Hospital is seeking owners of golden retrievers to participate in a landmark study being conducted to learn how to better prevent and treat major diseases affecting dogs. The Morris Animal Foundation’s Canine Lifetime Health Project, a nationwide online community of dog owners, is conducting the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study as its first study.

Dr. Leslie Harmon of the Sandwich Animal Hospital notes that golden retrievers are one of the most frequent types of dogs seen at her hospital. “As a breed, golden retrievers are prone to certain diseases, especially internal cancers, that must have a genetic basis in the breed.”


Morris Animal Foundation is enrolling 3,000 golden retrievers under 2 years of age in the study, which will last 10 to 14 years. Although restricted to golden retrievers, results from this study are expected to benefit all dogs.

For more information, contact the Sandwich Animal Hospital at 508-833-3523 or visit the Canine Lifetime Health Project website at


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