Green Advocate To Speak At Coonamessett Farm

“From Fukushima to Falmouth to Solartopia: The death toll in Japan, the Prospects for Life in New England” is the subject of a talk to be given by Harvey Wasserman at a potluck supper at Coonamessett Farm, 277 Hatchville Road, East Falmouth, on Thursday, July 24, at 6 PM. Prior to the supper, at 5 PM, the 350MA Cape Cod and Islands meetup will discuss a divestment campaign and the People’s Climate March this September.

Mr. Wasserman is a journalist, author, democracy activist and an advocate for renewable energy. His articles have appeared in The New York Times, the Huffington Post and other newspapers and magazines. He has authored and co-authored over a dozen books, including “Solartopia!: Our Green-Powered Earth AD 2030,” introduced by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and “Harvey Wasserman’s History of the United States,” with an introduction by Howard Zinn.

Mr. Wasserman has been a strategist and organizer in the anti-nuclear movement in the United States for over 30 years, and is recognized for having coined the phrase “No Nukes” in 1973, according to a press release.


Since then, he has traveled the world fighting “King CONG” (Coal, Oil, Nuclear and Gas) and advocating for renewable energy, election protection, an end to the drug war and the birth of an eco-democracy. He lives in the Columbus, Ohio, area, where he works through Farmers Green Power to promote farmer/community-owned wind power and other renewables.

For many years his home was at Montague Farm in Western Massachusetts, where he became well-known and active throughout New England, speaking at numerous conferences and organizing around citizen actions against nuclear power plants. He has also spoken many times in Falmouth—in the Woods Hole Community Hall and at New Alchemy Institute.

The presentation at Coonamessett Farm will focus on Fukushima’s fallout coming to America, on how to kill King CONG and how New England can lead the world into a green-powered Solartopian Age.

The evening will begin with a potluck dinner, followed by his presentation and a discussion. The event is organized by the Falmouth Climate Action Team and 350MA Cape Cod and Islands, in coordination with Cape Downwinders, Down Cape Downwinders, Occupy Falmouth, The Green Center and Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.

The event is free; everyone is welcome to attend.


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