'Save A Life Tour' At Bourne High School

SADD, Students against Destructive Decisions, on Thursday, April 17, will host a program in the Bourne High School gymnasium that is focused on the dangers of texting while driving. Parents are highly encouraged to attend.

The “Save a Life Tour” will begin at 8 o’clock that morning and facilitates the reality that distracted driving has eclipsed drunk driving as the number one safety concern of the driving public.

The program will contain graphic and real life images related to the dangers of distracted driving as well as testimonials from family and friends of victims. Because of the mature content of the program only junior and senior students, as well as their parents, are invited.

The program uses a multimedia presentation, a distracted driving simulator, and displays to stimulate the knowledge and understanding of the problem and how it affects everyone.


The program is paid for by a Nye Grant to the Bourne Public Schools.

The high school is at 75 Waterhouse Road in Bourne.


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