Tucker Clark Retires From Falmouth Academy

Tucker M. Clark retired from Falmouth Academy recently after working for the independent school for 25 years. A former Falmouth Enterprise reporter, Ms. Clark joined Falmouth Academy as director of public relations and secretary to then headmaster, Bruce E. Buxton, in 1989 just as the young school moved to its permanent campus on Highfield Drive. She has since been the assistant to two other heads of school, David C. Faus (for eight years) and Mark W. Segar (a one-year interim head), and for four years was director of development before taking a year’s sabbatical. Ms. Clark helped write and edit the school’s publications. She created the Bookworm, an annual list of faculty and staff book recommendations that Falmouth Academy delivers to area libraries and friends around the country and abroad.

“I got to know the school when I worked as a reporter for the Enterprise and was deeply impressed by the quality and collegiality of the faculty and by the school’s culture of trust and respect, so I was delighted to join Falmouth Academy,” Ms. Clark said. “The work of a school is important, and my admiration for the ways that these teachers and students lean into that work together only increases each year. I’ve loved it all, learned a tremendous amount, and will miss being part of the school’s daily activity and joy, but it’s time for me to try something different. It’s also a great time for Falmouth Academy to make this change. The school has a strong board of trustees, a dedicated, highly educated, imaginative faculty, and the experienced new head of school, Stephen Duffy, arrives this month. He’s a wise leader; he’s delighted to be here; and he’s a Red Sox fan. Both Steve and his incoming assistant Olivia Riddiford are dynamic, thoughtful people who are eager to be part of the school and the town.”

Assistant head of school Mike Earley said, “Tucker’s title was assistant to the head of school, but in reality she assisted and supported all of us—students, teachers, and administrators. A quiet force behind much of what we did, Tucker took an interest in all aspects of the operation of the school and set the highest standards. She made sure that our written communications were concise and articulate. She worked steadily to advance the school’s role in the Falmouth community and to introduce members of the community to the school.”  


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