Turkey Focus Of Summer Course For SHS Teacher

Martin S. Cosgrove, a history teacher at Sandwich High School, was recently selected to attend the Choices Program’s annual  five-day Summer Leadership Institute at Brown University. This year’s institute is focused on helping teachers develop the knowledge and skills needed to lead classes in an examination of Turkey and its relationship with the US, as well as its role in the Middle East and the world.


The institute will provide up to 20 selected teachers from across the country with an opportunity to learn about the modern history of Turkey, the political, cultural and social issues confronting the country today, and its role on the world stage. The Choices Program is a national program designed to introduce content on contested international issues into secondary school classrooms. It offers more than 40 curriculum units on topics relevant to classes on US history, world history, geography, civics and current issues. All units use a problem-based approach to make complex international issues accessible and meaningful to high school students.


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