Volunteers Needed In Falmouth For 'Math In The Real World'

Falmouth Volunteers In Public Schools (VIPS) is seeking volunteers for a one-day program scheduled for Lawrence School 8th grade math classes, designed to give students a first-hand account of how math concepts can be applied to many professions, hobbies, and everyday tasks. The second annual “Math in the Real World” program will be held Thursday, May 22.


Volunteers will speak with students during math classes, sharing personal stories and examples of how they apply math concepts on a regular basis. In addition to “traditional” math careers and professions—science, accounting, engineering, architecture, and construction—VIPS is seeking volunteers from less traditional vocations that employ math concepts—such as baking, painting, sewing, interior design. By introducing many applications of math to students, the program is designed to give all students a better appreciation for the value of math, problem-solving, and computation skills.

Volunteers who would like to sign up for a shift should contact the VIPS office at 508-548-1621, or e-mail vips@falmouth.k12.ma.us. Ideally, volunteers will spend a half-day or full-day shift at the school. All 8th grade math classes will have a chance to hear from community members through the “Math in the Real World” program on May 22. Classes begin at 8:20 AM and run until 2:45 PM. Scheduling will be based upon volunteer availability.

The idea for the “Math in the Real World” program came from a discussion with Lawrence School math teachers who often hear students question why they have to take math when they will “never need it after they get out of school.”


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