Woods Hole Museum Kicks Off Boat-Building Program For Families

The art of building and refurbishing wooden boats is a vanishing skill. But it is at the heart of the work of the Woods Hole Historical Museum.

To celebrate the art of wooden boat building, the museum is introducing a new family boat-building program for children 10 years old and older accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The program was developed out of the museum’s boat-building workshop in which the “boat guys” can be found in the back of the museum’s Small Boat Building on Saturday mornings building wooden boats and restoring old ones.

The new family boat-building program will be led by Bob Leary, a former Falmouth High School industrial arts teacher and a master of wooden boat building, and Kathy Denham, member of the museum’s steering committee.

The three-day program will be held at the museum from July 28 to 30 from 8 AM to 1 PM.

Working under the close supervision of the instructors, each family will complete at 10-foot skiff.

The boats will be partly assembled and participants will learn the principles of boat building and general woodworking as they assemble the parts.

At the end of the program, each family will have a boat to launch.

Tuition is $895 for museum members and $995 for nonmembers, and includes all materials.

To register, contact the museum at director@woodsholemuseum.org or call 508-548-7270.


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